Providing cleaner energy and building opportunity

The properties of liquefied natural gas (LNG) means that when energy is drawn for use, it releases less carbon, no ash, and no residue to pollute groundwater. This makes LNG the most effective transitional fuel as the world continues to drive toward renewable sources of energy. Over the past two decades, we have helped our customers deliver about 30% of the world’s LNG capacity, which has been used to replace other fossil fuel sources like diesel and coal, decrease emissions in critical transport industries, and give developing regions, especially in Asia, greater access to more affordable energy to meet an ever-rising demand.

To build an LNG plant, we typically need between 4,000 and 5,000 skilled craft professionals at the project’s peak. Our customers’ projects have created tens of thousands of jobs over the years — providing skills and career opportunities that last a lifetime. As with all our projects, we recruit locally to where the facilities are being built, offer training opportunities, safety training, and support community development programs.  

Our integrated EPC direct-hire self-perform model is proven by our unparalleled successful delivery of 15 trains in the last five years.  We have built more than 130 metric tons per annum (MTPA) of liquefaction capacity in over 50 years of LNG execution experience.

LNG Technology Center

We also have a dedicated LNG technology center to support design improvements and execution efficiency. We leverage our technology positions to deliver sustainable benefits to our customers. We have expertise in several liquefaction technologies including Optimized Cascade, C3 MR, DMR,SMR and Nitrogen cycles servicing plant capacities ranging from base load to medium scale and small scale LNG. We have established strong relationships with LNG market leading technology licensors such as ConocoPhillips, Air Products, Shell, Linde and Chart which enables us to evaluate and recommend the most optimum solution that meets customer requirements.

Creating opportunity

Meeting supply and demand

Communities worldwide are struggling to maintain reliable energy solutions. While having a diverse energy portfolio - including renewables - is critical to ensure sustainable power, so is the ability to have immediate access to energy to meet demand when renewal options are offline.

We help our customers deliver a wide variety of storage solutions for LNG that enable access to needed energy.  Also, customers can purchase and store gas when LNG prices are low to maintain an affordable energy supply.     


  • Ambient  tanks
  • Spheres and pressure vessels 
  • Low temperature and cryogenic  
  • LNG tanks 


  •  Bulk liquid terminal 
  •  LNG regasification terminals 
  • LNG peak shaving and transportation facilities 


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