Helping customers accelerate their path to net zero

Our Bechtel Energy Technologies and Solutions (BETS) group provides technology and subject matter experts focused on delivering for our customers as they tackle the challenges of the energy transition. Bechtel delivers optimized solutions to help our customers realize lower capital costs, shorter times-to-market, and projects with lower carbon emissions.

Supported by world-renowned experts, our depth of technology experience and technology development capabilities, and a suite of in-house licensed technologies , we examine innovative solutions and identify the best solution for each customer’s needs. We evaluate the application of proven technologies, emerging technologies, and innovative combinations of both to lower carbon emissions for our customers.

How we help

We apply technology, economic analysis and complex process systems analysis to the energy transition challenge including concept definition, emerging technology advice and selection services, feasibility studies, technology licensing, process design basis and pre-front-end engineering and design (FEED) services in olefins, chemicals, water treatment, advanced fuels, sulfur, carbon capture and hydrogen.  

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Greener, smarter, and more resilient

We provide expert solutions for industrial facilities to become greener, smarter, and more resilient. Our green space focus includes:

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Optimization & new technologies

We use new process technologies, improvements in process and energy efficiencies, and advanced digital methods to improve carbon reduction, energy, and plant performance.

We also provide proven technologies that decrease carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, such as:

  • SWSPlus - which enables facilities to drive down emissions, while producing greener products.   
  • Crescendo - a refrigeration and liquefaction process technology that aims to increase efficiency, reduce impact on the environment, and lower capital cost.​
  • Low Energy Ejector Desalination System (LEEDS) - a sustainable and innovative water treatment solution that significantly reduces produced water treatment cost. ​