Early engagements help our customers accelerate their path to net zero

At Bechtel Energy Technologies & Solutions (BETS), we provide value-added insights to our clients on every stage of their projects, from early engagements to operations. We help our clients identify their energy needs, collaborate on their long-term strategy, and optimize their project development—sustainably and cost-effectively.

Our team of subject matter experts brings a wealth of experience to the full project life cycle: from concept, feasibility, engineering, procurement to construction, commissioning, and operations. Our approach ensures that we identify and mitigate risks early in the project life cycle, thereby reducing overall costs and maintaining schedule. Our clients’ projects are further ameliorated with our successful experience in integrating complex processes that include the highest standards of safety, quality, and sustainability.

Our clients’ early engagement with BETS will continue to reduce project costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and improve the overall project performance.

We are committed to delivering innovative, safe-clean-sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions that meet our clients' energy and sustainability goals.

Bechtel Early Engagement Approach: Simplifying the Complex