Projects of purpose

Our customers and colleagues are working to solve critical challenges such as decarbonization and water scarcity by enabling the supply of resources needed to make lasting positive change.

Powering the energy transition

Alternative fuels going into car

Copperlithium, alumina, nickel and gold are critical resources for electrification and building blocks that enable the path to net zero.

Addressing water scarcity

Lake with mountains and trees

With more than 40% of the world’s population suffering from water scarcity — and that number is expected to grow — Bechtel can help governments, municipalities, and private industries find innovative ways to get water to where it is needed most.

Fueling the advanced economy

Construction worker looks at skyline at night

Liquefied natural gas is a critical component for electrification, the displacement of coal and access to cleaner energy in the developing world. Advanced fuels like renewable diesel and hydrogen are less carbon intensive and can power our low-carbon future.

Delivering building blocks for innovation

hand touching a tablet

Plastics help minimize energy consumption and enable innovation and progress.

Improving food production

Farmer in tractor harvesting crops

As the global population continues to grow, both bio-based and mineral fertilizers offer improved food production. Bechtel’s Phosphate and Industrial Minerals Center of Excellence applies the latest technologies and innovations to help customers access and process the phosphates needed for fertilizers.