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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Wind turbines

West Virginia, USA
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Increasing energy diversity in West Virginia

Through its wind, solar, and storage projects, Clearway Energy Group is committed to helping the environment and the communities in which it operates by producing clean, competitive, and reliable energy.

In West Virginia, Clearway has developed Black Rock Wind Farm, further diversifying the state’s energy portfolio and helping build a path to clean energy and away from coal. The wind farm will not only deliver long-term price stability and carbon-free energy, but it supports continued economic investment and job creation.

About the project

Representing a nearly 15% increase in the state’s wind power, Black Rock Wind Farm contributes significantly to renewable wind production in the region. With 23 Siemens-Gamesa wind turbines included, the wind farm will produce 115 MW of electricity, powering enough green energy for nearly 53,000 homes. Additionally, Black Rock Wind Farm will save 298,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Output from the farm is under a long-term contract with two companies, Toyota and AEP Energy, that have significant operations in the state.

Bechtel engineered, procured, and constructed the farm in a Reed & Reed joint venture.

A sustainable future

Through its Black Rock Wind Farm and the nearby Pinnacle Wind Farm, Clearway reaffirms its commitment to West Virginia. The group sees huge opportunity for wind energy, benefitting both the economy and the environment, and looks forward to continued investment and growth in the state.

The wind farm will also help Toyota and AEP Energy, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, meet their sustainability goals. While Toyota is working to eliminate carbon emissions in its manufacturing operations, AEP is focused on its Future Forward Strategy and advancing the clean energy transformation.

Benefits to the community

Beyond the environmental benefits, Clearway established the Black Rock Community Benefit Fund, which will donate $50,000 to local nonprofits every year throughout the project’s lifespan.

Additionally, as one of the biggest taxpayers in the Grant and Mineral counties, Clearway will pay nearly $15 million in taxes to West Virginia over the life of the project.

Fast facts

  • Project includes 23 Siemens-Gamesa SG 5.0-145 wind turbines on towers 107.5 meters tall.
  • Wind farm output will total 115 MW, powering almost 53,000 homes.
  • Over 200 labor construction jobs were created by the project.