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  • Cargo Ship at Khalifa Port

    Khalifa Port and Kizad

    Expanding onshore and offshore infrastructure that will help to foster Abu Dhabi's economic diversification.

  • Construction at Kooragang Expansion Project

    Kooragang Expansion Projects

    Increasing the annual capacity of the Kooragang terminal from 77 to 145 million metric tons in an environmentally concious way.

  • Kosovo Motorway Bridge

    Kosovo Motorway

    A key expansion of Kosovo's infrastructure and connectivity with the rest of Europe.

  • Kuwait Oil Field on fire

    Kuwait Oil Field Restoration

    In the wake of the Gulf War, the team quickly capped 650 damaged or burning Kuwaiti oil wells and brought oil production back on line.

  • London City Airport Project

    London City Airport

    Improving air traffic movements from 38 to 45 movements per hour and enable increased annual passenger movements from 4.5 to 6.5 million passengers by 2025.

  • Gatwick workers

    London Gatwick Airport

    Gatwick focuses on improving the passenger experience to become London's airport of choice, as the second largest airport in the UK.

  • London Underground sign

    London Underground Upgrade

    Modernizing three lines of London's historic Underground, essentially rebuilding the infrastructure while lines continued serving 1.8 million people every day.

  • Aerial view of Los Bronces Copper Mine

    Los Bronces Copper Mine

    Caring for nearby water sources and controlling emissions while expanding one of the largest mining projects ever in Chile.