Bechtel Recognized for Innovative Use of Software Robots

01 May 2018 RESTON, Va.

The company honored by CIO for application of robotic process automation to improve productivity

Bechtel, a global engineering, procurement, and construction leader, has been recognized by CIO, an executive-level tech media brand, as a 2018 CIO100 honoree for its innovative use of robotic process automation (RPA) technology. CIO100 is an annual awards program that recognizes organizations around the world for their innovative and strategic use of information technologies to drive business value.

“This is the second year in a row that Bechtel has won the CIO100 award, and we are extremely proud of this achievement,” said Carol Zierhoffer, Bechtel’s chief information officer. “The application of RPA bots in the engineering, procurement, and construction sector is just one of the avenues that Bechtel is using to address some of the most pressing industry challenges, like productivity and efficiency.”

“We are very excited about the progress we have made in the RPA field. For example, Bechtel is integrating the technology with Internet-Of-Things to transform the way our colleagues interact with our systems, and the way they take actions based on analysis of data,” said Thomas Novosad, Bechtel’s manager of Business Services. “Increased productivity is one of the most tangible results we have seen with the implementation of RPA bots to date. By leaving routine and transactional activities to our “virtual workforce,” we are allowing our colleagues to entirely focus on more complex, judgment-based, and value-added processes for their customers.”

RPA technology has traditionally been used to automate rule-based administrative processes within human resources and finance functions. Bechtel is expanding this use to include processes within core functions of the engineering, procurement and construction industry enabling the company to improve execution of construction projects across the globe. As part of program implementation, Bechtel expects to deploy nearly one hundred bots in 2018