Bechtel Responds to Inspector General’s Memorandum

20 October 2014 RESTON, Virginia We are disappointed in the language contained in the Inspector General's special review memorandum. Bechtel went above and beyond in cooperating with the OIG's investigation--providing requested documents for review and people to interview, in accordance with the protocol agreed to with the IG. 
Furthermore, we offered to work with the OIG to provide access to documents that are protected under the law, in a way that preserves those protections, but the OIG declined our offer. 
Donna Busche was a URS employee and the decision to terminate her employment was made by URS, as a URS executive confirmed in sworn testimony before a Congressional hearing. Bechtel is committed to providing a work environment in which all employees are treated fairly and are able to raise concerns without fear of retaliation--and Bechtel expects its subcontractors to do the same.