Terrestar Selects Bechtel for Terrestrial Site Development

07 November 2007

Terrestar Selects Bechtel for Terrestrial Site Development

Under this agreement, Bechtel will provide site acquisition and construction management services for the terrestrial component of TerreStar’s next generation seamless, integrated satellite-terrestrial wireless network. Additionally, Bechtel will provide program management services to coordinate the overall design, installation, and commissioning activities of TerreStar’s other technology and service partners involved in the network rollout.   The network build-out is scheduled to take place over a two-year period.

“Bechtel is pleased to work with TerreStar to acquire and construct the terrestrial portion of North America’s first 4G satellite/terrestrial communications network,” said Lee Lushbaugh, president of Bechtel Communications. “We see the satellite-terrestrial wireless market of growing importance to the way consumers, enterprises, and governments stay connected, and are pleased to be part of this project and its new technology.”

“Bechtel represents one of the final pieces in TerreStar’s first-in-class ecosystem network or team of partners and is a critical component of our build, own, and operate strategy for developing North America’s first all-IP 4G mobile communications network,” said Robert H. Brumley, chief executive officer and president of TerreStar.  “Bechtel’s expertise in terrestrial site development and its program management services ensure that TerreStar’s combined satellite and terrestrial network will operate at the highest level and deliver the services our customers demand.”

TerreStar, a majority owned subsidiary of TerreStar Corporation, plans to build, own, and operate North America's first 4G integrated mobile satellite and terrestrial communications network that will provide universal access and tailored applications throughout North America over conventional wireless devices. TerreStar expects to be the first to offer customer-designed products and applications over a fully optimized 4G IP network. 
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