Bechtel Reaches Emergency Housing Milestone for FEMA

03 March 2006

Bechtel Reaches Emergency Housing Milestone for FEMA

FEMA set for Bechtel a contract ceiling of no more than 36,000 temporary housing units. Now that Bechtel has nearly completed its assigned mission, FEMA is transferring most of the hauling and installing work to other contractors.

Bechtel will continue to provide maintenance and deactivation services for travel trailers and mobile homes, and to build new group housing sites in Mississippi.

"Bechtel is proud to be a part of FEMA's historic effort to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina," said Paul Divjak, Bechtel National's program manager. "We will continue working with the same dedication and commitment to provide maintenance services and additional housing solutions at group sites.  For all our installations, our goal remains to ensure occupants have a safe place to live."

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