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CERAWeek 2024

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CERAWeek 2024

  • Houston, Texas
  • 18 March 2024  -  22 March 2024

Multidimensional Energy Transition: Markets, climate, technology and geopolitics

CERAWeek 2024 will explore strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition. The drive for energy transition is reshaping the competitive landscape for companies and countries – creating new opportunities and risks across the energy value chain. The imperative to reduce emissions has grown in urgency. Yet expectations of a simple linear global transition have been shaken as climate goals compete with concerns over how to deliver economic growth while ensuring energy security, energy access, and affordability. The multidimensional energy transition reflects different realities and timelines by region, technology, industry strategies, the variety of social and political approaches and divergent national priorities in an increasingly multipolar world.

CERAWeek 2024 will offer insight into the road map for a multidimensional transition – what it means for markets, geopolitics, investment, supply chains and technology – and competitive strategies. As the first major global energy gathering post-COP28, CERAWeek 2024 is a timely opportunity to share learnings, plans, and perspectives on the road map ahead. Join preeminent thought leaders from energy, finance, technology, and governments who will convene for dialogue on the agenda ahead as the world enters a new era of energy transition.

Bechtel at CERAWeek 2024


Plenary: How to Make Net Zero Happen:
President of Bechtel Energy Paul Marsden will talk about how the world can accelerate the transition to cleaner fuels while ensuring energy affordability and accessibility on Tuesday, 19 March.


Plenary: Minerals and Mining: Meeting energy transition demand?:
Bechtel’s President of Mining & Metals Ailie MacAdam will discuss whether we are on track to meeting the energy transition’s demand for raw materials on Tuesday, 19 March.


Plenary: Building Tomorrow's Energy Infrastructure:
Bechtel’s President & Chief Operating Officer Craig Albert will take part in the plenary and discuss which technologies are ready for deployment, as well as the major challenges and risks to building tomorrow’s energy infrastructure, on Wednesday, 20 March.

Other Sessions

Carbon Hub: Reducing Emissions in Supply Chains:
Bechtel’s Corporate Sustainability Manager Heloisa Schmidt will speak about cutting supply chain emissions on Tuesday, 19 March.



Agora Pod: Bechtel | LEEDS: The Revolutionary Solution in Water Conservation Technology:
Jamie McMillan, Bechtel’s Principal Vice President & General Manager Water and Pipeline, will explain how to transform produced water into a valuable resource on Tuesday, 19 March.


Climate Hub: Innovation Unleashed: Addressing Supply Chain Constraints with Cutting-Edge Technology:
Justin Britt, Bechtel’s General Manager Electric Vehicles, will discuss how new materials and technologies could be leveraged to optimize efficiency, mitigate risks and adapt to the evolving needs of the energy transition on Tuesday, 19 March.


Agora Studio: How Can the Oil & Gas Industry Attract and Retain Talent?:
Bechtel’s Global Workforce Services Manager Natalie Wane will be part of a panel discussion on how to attract and retain talent on Thursday, 21 March.

Circular Carbon: Exploring Material Transition Strategies
Bechtel’s Deputy Chief Innovation Officer Ann Esbeck will be part of a panel discussion on how material transtion is critical for successful energy transition on Tuesday, March 19.