Aviation sustainable growth

Debate | Sustainable Airports

24 May 2018

When it comes to connecting cities, airports and aviation are a firm part of the mix. Worldwide, passenger numbers are growing and that is true of the UK too. The UK government is exploring ways to support growth while tackling the environmental impacts of expansion.

Source: New Civil Engineer

DOEs budget could fully fund Bechtels Y-12 project.

Senate Appropriations Panel Would Fund Low-Yield Ballistic Missile in 2019

23 May 2018

The National Nuclear Security Administration would receive not quite $15 billion if a DOE budget bill approved Tuesday by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee becomes law, and the bill would fully fund DOE’s $703 million request for the Uranium Processing Facility that Bechtel National is building at the Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn. 




Source: Exchange Monitor

Bechtel Chairman & CEO Brendan Bechtel joined the infrastructure roundtable discussion.

The Cost of Inaction: A Conversation on U.S. Infrastructure

17 May 2018

Business Roundtable Chairman Jamie Dimon, NBC's Chuck Todd and leaders in business, government and labor came together for a discussion on the need for infrastructure renewal and the mounting economic consequences of inaction.

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Bechtel Partnership Gives RCA New Lease On Life

13 May 2018

Bechtel and the Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA) has launched a community-based project to develop the region's new cultural hub in time for Rockport, Texas students to access ArtSpace, the free summer art camp.

Source: The Rockport Pilot

Bechtel has 50,000 colleagues worldwide.

ATD Announces Winners of Talent Development Awards

09 May 2018

The Association for Talent Development has recognized Bechtel as one of the 2017 Excellence in Practice Award winners from among 34 organizations in 12 countries.

Source: Association for Talent Development