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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Sustainable resilient energy infrastructure

Natural disasters, resource constraints and new patterns of urbanization and development require companies and governments to plan for energy and other related infrastructure to be both resilient and sustainable. In his video blog, Bechtel discusses how Big Data is integral in designing more resilient energy systems.

Transcript of video blog:

The biggest area of innovation that we see that is helping us design more resilient systems is simply information technology. When we say, in the Internet of things, there is literally tens of millions of items which are now connected. This kind of information, which we call, "big data," can be mined literally to improve our understanding of how the systems work, how they respond. We can simulate them, and we can use this information to design better systems and then we can use them also to manage emergencies in real time and to recover quickly from them, which is—the main goal of resiliency is—how quickly can you recover from extreme events? 

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