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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Research: designing resilient infrastructure

Global megatrends—from the surge of people on the planet to the scarcity of the resources it needs—are changing the way we design, construct and operate structures and systems that will benefit society for the long term. While the world sees challenges, we see engineering solutions.
The next generation of engineering will evolve societies from industrial to sustainable development. Over the last decade we have designed and built more than 30 smart city projects in every region of the world. While “sustainability” has always been intrinsic to Bechtel’s engineering, in order to secure the future we want it must also be efficient, resilient, reliable, and affordable to operate. This is our approach, rooted in a century of global experience, proven engineering techniques and processes. 

Bechtel has contributed to a two-year study with re:focus partners culminating in a report, A Roadmap for Resilience that helps to guide cities on how to leverage private investment in building more resilient and integrated infrastructure. The report summarizes projects that create both public value and private investment opportunities, and that will create a robust pipeline of investable resilient infrastructure projects to benefit communities and society.

Re:focus partners are social entrepreneurs with expertise in public policy and sustainable development. They design integrated resilient infrastructure systems—including water, waste, and energy projects—and develop new public-private partnerships to align public funds and leverage private investment for vulnerable communities around the world.

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