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Key ingredients to a successful partnership

This is the first in a series of three articles from experts at Conservation International on building partnerships, balancing supply and demand, and addressing fresh water risk.

Video blog transcript

Dr. Sebastian Troeng: Conservation International works to conserve nature so that people can thrive. And I can't think of any more direct connection between nature and people than the water that ecosystems provide to people who live in cities. In Latin America we have a partnership with three city authorities, cities of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Bogota in Colombia, and Mexico City in Mexico. Those three cities have formed a three cities alliance to share their experiences and lessons that relate to how they manage the water in these cities, and how they can conserve the ecosystems that provide the cities without water.

And that's been a very productive collaboration. And I think one of the reasons is that we've got the key decision makers that have a shared challenge, and we've been able to add value by providing them with scientific analyzes and nature-based solutions that allow them to do their job in a better way and provide water to the people who live in their cities.

Marielle Canter Weikel: Conservation International is in the business of nature conservation for the benefit of people. And one of the ways in which we go about our conservation mission is through partnership with the private sector. So we work with a leading oil and gas company to help them inform better decision making through using CI's scientific expertise and helping them understand and manage impacts where they work around the world.

And I think one of the key ingredients to success with that partnership is really having a common language and framework for coming to that work and that really is the scientific approach that CI brings. 

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