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Celebrating Engineers Week 2022 with Maria Paz Jarsun Lavin

Maria Paz Jarsun Lavin is a process engineer working in Santiago, Chile. She joined Bechtel in 2019 after graduating from the Universidad de Chile. 

What was your first exposure with engineering? 

My first approach to engineering was through science. Since I was a child, I liked to do experiments and follow the scientific method exactly. At school, I was always interested in chemistry and math.  
What’s the coolest part of your job? 

The coolest part of my job is being part of a team that collaborates towards the same goal, with common interests. Additionally, I enjoy learning from different areas and new technologies and innovation. I also enjoy working with people all around the world! 

It’s 2042 – how has the profession reimagined the possible? 

I believe that engineering should always be focused on contributing to the quality of life of human beings. Consequently, the profession should evolve in that direction. It is transcendental that engineering takes charge of current world problems, such as water shortage, energy, global warming, and pollution. 

What makes you proud to be an engineer?  

Mostly, the ability to apply my knowledge in new and different ways, the ability to fix issues in the state they are in, and the ability to adapt solutions to the real context. 

Why should today’s students consider an engineering career? 

Students should consider engineering as a career because studying it will bring a lot of value to their lives. The career provides you with very versatile and necessary tools and skills. Engineering has an important social role. 

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