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Celebrating Engineers Week 2022 with Joshua Phillips

Joshua Phillips is a mechanical engineer working in Kentucky, U.S. A graduate of University of Houston, he joined Bechtel in 2020. 

What was your first exposure with engineering? 

I was always more inclined toward math and science in school. I enjoyed designing and building things growing up. I played Rollercoaster Tycoon, built Lego’s, and was fascinated with airplanes. I also loved going to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 

What’s the coolest part of your job? 

In engineering, you never stop learning and experiencing new things. The knowledge you bring from college is your base line, and you spend the rest of your career building on it. Learning and experiencing new things keeps you excited with your work. There’s never a boring day.  

It’s 2042 – how has the profession reimagined the possible? 

I think that engineering over the next twenty years will be focused on improving access to resources and improved livability for a growing global population. These issues will require significant attention: clean water and air, climate change, energy needs, transportation, essential metals, food supply, medicine, and internet access.  

What makes you proud to be an engineer?  

The best part of the job is the satisfaction of seeing your finished work product. It is special when you and other team members collaborate to reach a milestone that solves problems and supports the project’s mission. Our customers are counting on us to deliver and every step closer motivates you to keep going.  

Why should today’s students consider an engineering career? 

With the growing challenges that the world faces, there is more opportunity than ever for young engineers. There are so many different areas and industries your skills can take you to. This means having options to do what you enjoy the most. You have a chance to help solve important problems and get paid well in the process.  

Visit DiscoverE to learn more about Engineers Week and download your celebration materials. 

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