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Celebrating Engineers Week 2022 with Ellise Halter

Ellise Halter is a control systems engineer working in Washington, U.S. She joined Bechtel in 2018 after graduating from Columbia Basin College and Brigham Young University.  

What was your first exposure with engineering? 

My first exposure to engineering was during Engineers Week in middle school. We had individuals come in to talk to us about engineering. When they mentioned that it used math, I thought “I like math! I could do that!” and chose a field from there. 

What’s the coolest part of your job? 

The coolest part would be driving a project to completion. There tend to be smaller tasks and details that need to be gathered up and I enjoy tracking them down and addressing them. 

It’s 2042 – how has the profession reimagined the possible?  

I believe the profession can reimagine the possible by drawing knowledge and resources from various places. There are many ways to be resourceful so by approaching issues from new angles and learning from all levels, we will be able to tackle current issues as well as make improvements that will benefit our communities. 

What makes you proud to be an engineer?  

Being able to make use of information gathered by collaborators and find solutions to solve a problem. 

Why should today’s students consider an engineering career? 

To me, engineering is about learning to solve problems and continuing to learn. So, students who want to continually learn should consider an engineering career. 

Visit DiscoverE to learn more about Engineers Week and download your celebration materials. 

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