We follow a simple process to help us find out more about you and what you have to offer. You can apply to an open position through submitting your resume/CV and completing your application profile. We recommend that you keep your resume/CV to two pages or less to highlight the most important and applicable skills and experiences relevant to the role. We advise that you only apply for one position or the positions which you can be considered for based on your degree discipline.

  • Step 1: Resume/CV Screening

    Our first step will be to review your resume against the qualifications of your desired position. We look at your background, degree, and work experience to determine if you are a good match.

  • Step 2: Digital Interview

    US, UK, and Canada only

    At this step, you will be invited to submit a digital interview so we can learn more about you. Consider the following preparation tips for a successful digital interview:

    • Be knowledgeable about the discipline and position you are applying for.
    • Come prepared with examples of experiences that showcase your skills.
    • Dress professionally.
    • Find a place with minimal distractions or loud noises. Ideally, choose a quiet spot where you will be the only person visible.
    • Make sure the device you are using to record your interview is properly set up and is capable of video and audio recording.
    • Be confident, sit up straight and look directly into the camera. We want your great personality to show through!
    • Speak clearly; provide thoughtful and concise responses.
    • Keep an eye on the time to ensure that you are not going over the time limit.
  • Step 3: Pre-Screen Call

    A member of our University Relations team will review your digital interview and if you are selected, they will initiate a pre-screen phone call. During the pre-screen, the recruiter will want to learn more about you, your classes, and prior experiences, involvement in university activities, etc. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the requirements of the position.

  • Step 4: Hiring Manager Interview/Review

    In the final step of our process, candidates will interview with the hiring manager. This is an opportunity to show off your technical skills, capabilities, and motivation to join Bechtel. You can expect questions about your work experience and degree qualification so we get a better understanding of your technical knowledge, and how you might apply it to working situations.

How to Apply