Bechtel has performed work on a number of major projects in India, including the huge Jamnagar refining complex on the northwestern coast, the Dabhol power plant on the Maharashtra coast, and the KG D6 gas development project in the Bay of Bengal.

Community efforts

Delivering quality and value to our customers has always been Bechtel’s priority, but our commitment also extends to improving the standard of living and quality of life of the communities where we do business. We work with employees and communities to improve the civic, economic, educational, and social environment. 

Bringing Light to Sirohi

Charitable giving

New Delhi colleagues actively participate in charitable giving, yielding a substantial amount of material—clothes, toys, and books—for various organizations like GOONJ and MADHOK, which assist marginalized children. 


Colleagues in New Delhi volunteer with GeoHazards International (GHI), a California-based non-profit organization, in a pilot project to improve earthquake safety in Gurgaon schools. The project includes creating basic awareness of earthquake safety among the staff and students of the selected school, identifying and fixing falling hazards in and around the school buildings, and preparation and testing of an earthquake preparedness plan for the school.

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Alert! Hoax: Fraudulent job offers

Bechtel has received reports about individuals receiving fraudulent job confirmation letters via email and mail, and unsolicited job postings, emails, and Facebook conversations claiming to offer employment by Bechtel for positions that do not exist. Some of these emails purportedly identify various Bechtel directors, managers, or others as the senders.  

Some of the fraudulent job offers have also included phone numbers, and potential applicants have been encouraged to call in pursuit of job opportunities. These emails and other materials solicit personal information and sometimes money.

People making these or other similar false offers of employment are not affiliated with Bechtel in any way. The e-mails were sent without Bechtel’s knowledge or approval. 

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