Uncompromising integrity, honesty, and fairness

These guidelines apply globally to all Bechtel employees, and to members of the board of directors, agents, consultants, contract labor, and others when they are representing or acting for, or on behalf of, Bechtel.   

Many laws, regulations, and conventions prohibiting bribery apply to Bechtel, its directors, and employees, and its partners, agents, subcontractors, and suppliers.  This guide has been written to help you avoid problems with corruption. It provides general rules for complying with anti-corruption laws. It also gives practical examples of situations where corruption and bribery might take place and alerts you to instances where extra caution should be used. Finally, because this guide is not a substitute for expert advice, it identifies additional resources and expertise available to you. You never have to guess. The anti-corruption rules are complex, and the pressure to ignore them can be great. But Bechtel’s values require strict adherence to these laws and, because the consequences for violations are so severe, enforcement is rigorous. Bechtel counts on every one of us to conduct our business the right way to ensure our continued success.