Bechtel actively builds a diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce improves the quality of decision-making and boosts productivity. In recent years we have made progress in the pursuit of greater diversity and we are continuing to take action.

In accordance with legislation introduced by the UK Government requiring UK companies with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap annually, we present our 2017 UK Gender Pay Report. The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in average pay between all males and all females within a company, regardless of position or grade.

Reporting our results on Gender Pay in the UK has also encouraged us to look at our company globally. Throughout 2018, we are evaluating all areas of gender pay and gender equality enterprise-wide. We believe it is important to be transparent about where we are today, and strategically, what we are doing to build an inclusive work environment where colleagues feel valued, challenged, motivated, and treated fairly.

When our global analysis is completed we will share the results on our diversity and inclusion communications channels.