Engineering, procurement, and construction


    $299.8 million





Helping meet California's demand for renewable energy

Bechtel built the Catalina Solar Photovoltaic Generating Facility and designed the 110-megawatt alternating-current solar plant. Catalina Solar produces enough electricity to power some 35,000 homes. This project is helping make solar more cost competitive with other sources of energy and advancing solar’s use worldwide.

Catalina Solar is EDF Renewable Energy’s largest photovoltaic project and the sixth-largest photovoltaic plant in the United States. The project's clean energy helps meet new California environmental mandates by improving overall air quality.

Making California's solar energy industry a reality

In addition to the Catalina project, Bechtel has built two other solar facilities in California: Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the world’s largest concentrating solar thermal power facility, and California Valley Solar Ranch, one of the world’s largest photovoltaic facilities. Our early experience on those two projects benefited the Catalina effort.

  • Pre-assembly work at the project
  • The project’s pre-assembly area
  • A project team member
  • A view of the photovoltaic pre-assembly area
  • The 110-megawatt plant can power roughly 35,000 homes
  • Workers installing the facility’s panels