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Bechtel B&w Idaho Announces Agreement With University Alliance

  • 19 April 1999
  • Press Release

Bechtel B&w Idaho Announces Agreement With University Alliance

Each of the seven universities that comprise the Inland Northwest Research Alliance (INRA) has extensive and nationally recognized capabilities in research, workforce education and training, educational outreach, commercialization, and technology transfer. Institutions in the alliance include the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Boise State University, Utah State University, Montana State University, the University of Montana, and Washington State University.

"This is a win-win situation for everyone," said Dr. Bernard Meyers, President and General Manager of Bechtel B&W Idaho. "The universities enhance our science base and will add to INEEL's already outstanding national laboratory reputation. The alliance becomes a partner in the management and operation of INEEL, with unprecedented access to the laboratory's facilities and capabilities, as well as participation in the site's research and development activities."

The university alliance offered its services to all the bidders competing for the INEEL contract, said Dr. Robert Hoover, President of the University of Idaho, who serves as Chair of INRA. The Bechtel B&W Idaho team determined that by making the alliance a true partner on its team, both the INEEL and the regional universities would benefit, Hoover explained.
"Should the Bechtel B&W Idaho team win the INEEL management and operations contract, our involvement with the team will be substantive and significant," said Hoover. "As a member of the Bechtel B&W Idaho team, we will be sharing in the risks and rewards associated with managing an important national asset such as INEEL. This arrangement will not only bring the benefit of INRA's member universities' intellectual capital to the INEEL, but will serve to strengthen the higher education system of the entire region. This partnership will also allow us to accelerate the planned enhancement of member universities' presence and facilities in Idaho Falls."

In addition to its equity position with the Bechtel B&W Idaho team, Meyers said representatives of the alliance will have key management positions. The President of INRA will serve on the Bechtel B&W Idaho Board of Directors. Other representatives from INRA will hold key positions in the management structure of the Bechtel B&W Idaho team.

"By combining the resources of the INEEL, the universities, and our two great companies, we can bring technology development, deployment, and resulting commercial growth that will benefit Eastern Idaho," Meyers said. "This approach will strengthen the region's position as a world class competitor in the global economy."

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