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Fourth Semi-Annual Carbon-Hydrogen Symposium

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Fourth Semi-Annual Carbon-Hydrogen Symposium

  • Houston, Texas
  • 29 November 2023
  • 8:30 - 16:30

“Making the Right Bets!”

In recent years, Energy Evolution and Decarbonization have received intense focus and attention. Companies have made a wide range of bets from renewable energy farms, direct air capture of CO2 to hydrogen production to get a piece of the $100 Trillion energy evolution market.

Many larger companies have embraced a strategy of “All the Above.” Is such a strategy still the most effective or could it lead to mediocre results? Is now the time to refine the bets or is too early in the cycle? If it is time to become selective, how would you make sure your company is making the right bets?

Many smaller companies are making significant progress as specialists in one area. They are going all-in on one of the bets. Specialist (bakery or wine store) or generalist (full-fledged grocery store) – which strategy would you recommend to your company? Which factors would you consider in making that strategic recommendation?

At the symposium hosted by the Houston Strategy Forum, panellists will brainstorm vigorously the ultimate strategies to win big in this $100 Trillion market.

Bechtel at the Carbon-Hydrogen Symposium

Bechtel’s Operations Manager for Energy Transition John Gunn will participate in a hydrogen panel at the symposium.