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Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC)

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Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC)

  • Washington DC
  • 13 March 2024  -  15 March 2024

A bioeconomy experience like no other: 10 Summits and networking

Accelerating Sustainable Aviation Fuels: The SAF Summit

  • At the Sustainable Aviation Summit, ABLC will highlight success stories and emerging technologies for aviation fuels for commercial and military application, including a look at consortia aimed at deployment and the emerging policy and airline industry purchasing trends.

Accelerating Advanced Biofuels: The Advanced Biofuels Summit

  • At the Advanced Biofuels Summit, ABLC will focus on demonstrated cellulosic biofuels, expansion opportunities in biomass-based diesel, progress in aviation fuels; Low Carbon Fuel Standards and their impact, progress in emerging alternatives to gasoline and diesel including DME, butanol and more, upgrade and expansion technologies for first-gen plants and thermochemical technologies that are on the rise.

Accelerating Sustainable Hydrogen: The Hydrogen Summit

  • In a recent report, International Energy Agency executive director Dr. Fatih Birol writes: “This is a critical year for hydrogen. It is enjoying unprecedented momentum around the world and could finally be set on a path to fulfil its longstanding potential as a clean energy solution.” At ABLC, we’ll explore the options and challenges for sustainable hydrogen. Production, where will it occur and using what technologies. Distribution? How will it be purified, moved and metered? End-users? From fuel-cells to stationary power and new chemicals and high-value materials, what will be the markets that emerge first and most vigorously?

Accelerating Biogas and RNG: The Biogas and RNG Summit

  • At the Biogas & RNG Summit, ABLC will focus on anaerobic digestion, feedstock aggregation, including dairy and cattle residues, key markets, advances in vehicle technology and deployment, compression and purification technologies, as well as key partners and industry suppliers to turn ‘trash into cash.’

Accelerating Effective Policy and Regulation: The Bioeconomy Policy Summit

  • At the Policy Summit, we look at federal programs, national programs and policies around the world, including the US Renewable Fuel Standard, RenovaBio, the EU’s RED II, India’s advanced fuels mandates and China’s advanced fuels targets, R&D programs, proposed renewable power and chemical standards and regulatory progress and hurdles. Plus the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the markets it opens and powers in renewable fuels and for integrated biorefineries producing multiple projects. Plus Low Carbon Fuel Standards in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and elsewhere – their impact for projects and project developers.

Accelerating Biomass Aggregation: The Advanced Agriculture and Feedstock Summit

  • At the Agriculture & Feedstock Summit, we look at yield improvement, new crops, international deployment of technology, new sources of income – and the role of robotics, genetics, big data, remote sensing, mobility – and new tools for crop protection through early detection & spot treatment against pests, parasites, competitors and disease. The summit will examine sustainable crop protection, novel feedstocks, supply chain development, the return of platforms, such as hemp and hemp-based CBD, the rise of protein production for animal and human nutrition and opportunities for vegan technologies.

Accelerating Finance and Investment: The Finance and Investment Summit

  • At the Finance and Investment Summit, we look at tax credits, loan programs, seed-to-commercial equity investment structures & sources, rick mitigation, project ratings, permitting & regulatory concerns around the world.

Accelerating Renewable Chemicals and Materials: The Chemicals and Materials Summit

  • At the Renewable Chemicals and Materials Summit, we look at new markets and technologies for advanced packaging, plastics, novel high-performance fibers and chemicals. What are the technologies, where’s the production capacity, who are the customers, what are the terms, when is the demand spiking, where and why?

Accelerating Carbon Capture and eFuels: The Carbon Capture Summit

  • At the Carbon Capture and eFuels Summit, we look at strategies, technologies and the economics of capturing carbon, including transporting and storage – and we look at the use of captured carbon in the making of the new category of eFuels – the markets, the players, the timelines, the constraints.

Bechtel at ABLC 2024

New Technologies Summit: Bechtel’s Global SAF Business Development Manager Helen Atkinson will speak about how to deliver a successful SAF project at ABLC’s New Technologies Summit on 14 March 2024.