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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Sulfur Technology Center

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Sulfur Technology Center

Bechtel’s Sulfur Technology Center coordinates the sulfur removal and recovery tech­nology applications in gas processing, refining, gasification, power generation, and other related industries.

Understanding and applying technology are vital aspects of the design and construction of process plants, and individual experience is an essential element for success. Maintaining a core technology team with in-depth experience provides the opportunity to apply proven design techniques, continue the development of design improvements, and keep abreast of emerging technologies developed by others.


  • Gas and liquid treating
  • Combustion system design
  • Sulfur Plant Heat exchanger design
  • Refractory system design
  • Piping layout and planning
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Control instrumentation and systems
  • Materials handling
  • Environmental permitting
  • Modularization


  • Amine & Solvent Treating
  • Claus Sulfur Recovery
  • Tail Gas Treating
  • Tail Gas Incineration
  • Sulfur solidification & handling
  • Liquid REDOX sulfur removal and recovery
  • Combustion gas SOX removal

The basic sulfur complex is made up of the following units:

  • An amine treating unit (ATU) to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from various gas and liquid streams using an amine solution or specialty solvent.
  • An amine regeneration unit (ARU) to regenerate the amine solution or specialty solvent.
  • A sour water stripper (SWS) to remove ammonia and hydro­gen sulfide from the sour process waters produced in the facility. Two-tower designs for ammonia recovery are also available.
  • A Claus sulfur recovery unit (SRU) to convert the hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur and destroy the ammonia.
  • A tail gas unit (TGU) to remove the residual sulfur compounds from the sulfur recovery unit.
  • A thermal oxidizing unit (TOU) with stack to combust any remaining sulfur compounds in the effluent gas stream to sulfur dioxide and to provide a safe discharge to the atmosphere. This system may include waste heat recovery.