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Bechtel’s Impact Report


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The next generation of quality specifications for new automotive motor oils will, for most suppliers, require that the lubricant base oils used in their formulation conform to Group II specifications. Production of Group II lubricant base oils in a conventional, solvent-based lube oil plant will require changes in processing technology. Rather than decommissioning an existing solvent-based lube oil plant and making a large capital expenditure for a hydrocracker based plant, HyRaffSM is a lower capital cost alternative.

Hy-Raff is a specialized hydrotreating process that processes raffinate from an NMP or furfural- based solvent extraction plant to make Group II lube oil specifications. The hydrotreated raffinate can then be processed in the existing dewaxing unit to allow the continual production of high value wax products.

HyRaff produces a product with a remarkably light color for a solvent-extracted base oil that easily meets the Group II specifications of:

  • Volatility (Noack) <15%
  • Sulfur <0.03 wt.%
  • Saturates >90.0%

This unit can be of a relatively small capacity since only those stocks (light and maybe medium neutrals) that have market requirements to meet Group II specifications must be treated in the HyRaff unit.


  • Grassroots Hy-Raff Units
  • Modification of Existing Hydrotreating Units to Hy-Raff