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Bechtel’s Impact Report


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The Hy-FinishingSM process is a specialized hydrotreating technology to remove impurities from and, thus, improve the quality of paraffinic and naphthenic lubricating base oils or hard waxes. In the usual process configuration, the hydrogen finishing unit is located in the processing scheme between the solvent extraction and solvent dewaxing units for a lube plant operating on suitable lube crude. In this application, the unit is operated under mild hydrotreating conditions to improve color and stability; to reduce sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and aromatics; and to remove metals. Other applications include:


A more severe hydrotreating process (higher pressure and lower space velocity) for upgrading distillates from lower-quality crudes or for lowering the sulfur content of extracts. This unit is usually placed before solvent extraction in the processing sequence to upgrade feedstock quality and, thus, improve extraction yields at constant raffinate quality.


A more severe hydrotreating process (higher pressure and lower space velocity) for upgrading solvent extraction raffinates to Group II base oil quality by increasing saturates content, reducing sulfur content, and improving VI.

Wax Hy-Finishing

A mild process to remove impurities from and improve the quality of hard wax from a wax fractionation unit. The finished waxes from the wax hydrogen finishing unit are typically of food-grade quality.

White Oil Hy-Finishing

A more severe hydrotreating process for upgrading finished lube oils to specialty products, such as technical or medicinal white oils (FDA grade).


  • Grassroots Furfural Refining Units
  • Modification of Existing Furfural Refining Units to Improve Energy Efficiency and/or to Increase Unit Capacity
  • Conversion of Phenol Extraction Units to Furfural Refining