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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Coal & Coke Monetization

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Coal & Coke Monetization

With experience on over 100 gasification projects, Bechtel has developed unparalleled expertise in gasification—from feasibility study to EPC and operation and for everything from pilot plants to demonstration plants, gasification to chemicals to integrated gasification combined cycles.

BETS applies this hands-on knowledge to create conceptual, front-end gasification plant designs that are both innovative and practical. We make the most of licensor capabilities and effectively integrate multiple licensor packages into complete projects. An extensive, up-to-date, as-purchased, database leads to better cost estimates and project schedule in less time.

Our roles on industry-recognized projects have given us the knowledge and tools to successfully integrate innovative technologies with practical solutions: critical skills in an emerging market.

Featured expertise

  • Gasification technology screening on a wide range of gasifier and heat recovery technologies and options
  • Syngas treating options: sulfur removal, sulfur recovery, sulfuric acid, COS hydrolysis, CO shift, methanation, and others.
  • Product slate evaluation: syngas, hydrogen, methanol, SNG, DME, diesel, synthetic gasoline, ammonia/urea, industrial chemicals, and/or power.
  • CO2 capture for EOR or sequestration considering CO2 separation, compression, and transport
  • Feedstock options: coal, petcoke, biomass, and black liquor.
  • Emissions and resource requirements for early permit planning: gaseous emissions (continuous and startup/shutdown), wastewater quality, raw water requirements, slag byproducts, and others.
  • Integration: gasification integration into a new or existing refi nery or chemical complex.
  • Scale-up: pilot plant or semi-works to full plant scalability studies.
  • Conceptual cost estimates and operating costs expenditures:  high level screening CAPEX and OPEX estimates for strategic decision making, planning, and screening of polygeneration product slate alternatives.
  • Studies: Siting, labor assessments, expandability

Benefits of working with BETS

  • Long-term commitment to gasification and sustainable development
  • Depth and extensive experience in gasification/syngas technologies from conceptual studies through operation
  • More than 500 technical specialists available from conceptual design through commissioning
  • Wholly-owned, worldwide engineering centers that have proven performance and technical capability delivering to reduced cost and schedule
  • Ability to make the most of licensor capabilities and integrating multiple licensor packages into complete projects
  • Current, detailed cost database for early, accurate gasification project cost estimates and schedules
  • Real-time construction and labor knowledge for successful project execution
  • Proven track record of delivering financeable project deals
  • Commitment to Six Sigma as a way to enhance our products

Contact Us

Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions, Inc.
3000 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77056
[email protected]
T: +1 713 235 4300

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