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CSIS Series: Infrastructure and sustainability

Infrastructure, sustainability, and long-term progress 

Infrastructure, sustainability, and long-term progress The Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) and Bechtel held a series of discussions on the role of infrastucture in creating sustainable, resilient cities and building long-term progress. CSIS is a leading voice in Washington, D.C., and the wider international affairs community on the important and growing role of the private sector in promoting sustainable development.

The series focuses on complex sustainability issues, including rising urbanization, resource scarcity, extreme weather, and reliable energy, to embrace new ideas and solutions that involve private sector innovation and know-how. 


About the CSIS Series

​This event is part of the CSIS Global Sustainability Speaker Series, which investigates the role of the private sector in engaging with the U.S. government, host governments, and NGOs to help address some of the world’s most complex global sustainable development issues.