Featured Projects

Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project

Featured Projects

29°44'56"N | 93°52'39"W Learn more

Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project - Louisiana, USA

Chornobyl Shelter and Confinement

51° 31' 18" N | 30° 46' 1" E Learn more

Chornobyl Shelter and Confinement - Ukraine

Riyadh Metro

24° 42' 16" N | 46° 41' 18" E Learn more

Riyadh Metro - Saudi Arabia

Ras Al Khair Aluminum Smelter

27°26'58''N | 49°17'55''W Learn more

Ras Al Khair Aluminum Smelter - Saudi Arabia

Dulles Metrorail Extension

38°55'47"N | 77°14'32"W Learn more

Dulles Metrorail Extension - Virginia, USA

U.S. National Laboratories

| Learn more

U.S. National Laboratories - New Mexico and California, USA

Curtis Island LNG

23°46'20"S | 151°11'38"E Learn more

Curtis Island LNG - Queensland, Australia

Gabon National Infrastructure

0°23'27"N | 9°27'13"E Learn more

Gabon National Infrastructure - Gabon, Africa

Escondida Water Supply

23°50'13"S | 69°17'16"W Learn more

Escondida Water Supply - Chile

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    Alma Aluminum Smelter

    Québec, Canada

    Angola LNG

    Angola, Africa

    Athens Metro


    Boston Central Artery

    Massachusetts, USA

    Caval Ridge Mine Project

    Queensland, Australia

    Channel Tunnel (Chunnel)




    Curtis Island LNG

    Queensland, Australia

    Daunia Coal Mine

    Queensland, Australia

    Dubai International Airport

    United Arab Emirates

    Gatwick Airport

    West Sussex, United Kingdom

    Hay Point Expansion Stage 3

    Queensland, Australia

    High Speed 1


    Hoover Dam

    Arizona and Nevada, USA

    Hurricane Katrina Relief

    Mississippi, USA

    In Salah Gas Pipeline

    Central Algeria

    Jamnagar Oil Refinery

    Gujurat, India

    KG-D6 Natural Gas Development

    Bay of Bengal, India

    Khalifa Port and Kizad

    United Arab Emirates

    Kitimat Aluminum Smelter Modernization

    British Columbia, Canada

    Kooragang Expansion Projects

    New South Wales, Australia

    Kosovo Motorway

    Merdare, Kosovo

    Kwajalein Test Range

    Marshall Islands

    PGT/PG&E Pipeline

    British Columbia to Central California

    Riyadh Metro

    Saudi Arabia

    Savannah River Remediation

    South Carolina, USA

    Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    Washington, USA

    U.S. National Laboratories

    New Mexico and California, USA

    U.S. Nuclear Security Enterprise

    Texas and Tennessee, USA

    Uranium Processing Facility

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    Watts Bar Completion

    Tennessee, USA

    Wheatstone LNG

    Ashburton North, Western Australia

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