Engineering the Next 100 Years

It is no longer enough to build the biggest project in the world. We want to be known also for building the best projects for the world.

Global megatrends—from the projected population surge to the scarcity of resources—are changing the way we design, construct, and operate critical structures and systems for our customers and the societies that ultimately benefit from them. The last century was largely defined by industrial development, because of these megatrends the next 100 years will be defined by sustainable development.

Sustainability is delivered in our projects using a full spectrum approach that involves our core engineering, procurement and construction functions and strategic services. This approach leverages unique knowledge and capabilities to conceptualize, design, and build the best projects for our customers and society. The projects we deliver for our customers and society, and how we deliver them, will help ensure the 21st century is more sustainable than the past 100 years.