Blue Grass Completes Design Phase

17 August 2010 RICHMOND, Kentucky A Bechtel-led team at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant near Richmond, Kentucky, recently reached a significant milestone with the completion of the plant's design. This milestone was featured in the Richmond Register.

To allow for site preparation and the procurement of long-lead-time equipment, while finishing design of support facilities, Blue Grass' design was conducted in phases, with first priority being the completion of the design of the three main processing buildings and site infrastructure. With design now complete, the project is moving full speed ahead on construction.

BNI is leading a joint venture that includes Parsons Infrastructure and Technology and four other partners to design, build, systemize, and operate the plant, which will be used to safely destroy the chemical weapons stockpile currently stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot. Following the safe destruction of the stockpile, the team will close the plant.