Iraqi Project Update

21 July 2003

Iraqi Project Update

Bechtel will manage approximately 300 Iraqi engineers provided by Iraq's Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Education to complete the assessments, develop the scopes of work, help manage the Bechtel subcontractors, and perform inspections.
Other recent developments:
Bridges, roads, and rail
USAID and Bechtel have coordinated with Iraq's Ministry of Civil Works to prioritize, assess, and assign responsibility for repair of bridges. The four-lane Al Mat Bridge bypass for western Iraq's critical Highway 10 is now complete.
Bechtel also has begun work to remove a partially collapsed bridge blocking Highway 10, as well as completed its assessment of the Iraqi railroad system.
Port of Umm Qasr
Since opening to commercial traffic on June 16, the port is now capable of receiving cargo ships delivering humanitarian aid and relief supplies. Dredging of the deep-water basin and removal of unexploded ordnance and sunken vessels continue along with power repairs on the port’s generators.
Bechtel subcontractor Titan Maritime is removing sunken wrecks, debris, and major obstacles in advance of the dredging operations. To date, 28 objects have been identified for removal and 3 have been removed. The dredging operation has reached 2.6 million cubic meters (92 million cubic feet), with the goal to accommodate bulk grain–bearing ships in late July.
Bechtel also has conducted a site inspection for the repair of the port perimeter fence. The work includes upgrading and repairing the existing fence, installing security lights, and cleaning up construction areas. Both fence and wall repair contracts were let, and repair work started this week.
The Iraqi contractor Saida has completed clearing/grubbing and filling, and began surfacing for Baghdad International Airport's parking and checkpoint. Tawf Construciton is continuing with pavement marking in the ramp area, and nighttime runway painting has begun.
The Iraq Electricity Commission and Bechtel completed efforts to prepare a joint program to increase generation in the short term and rehabilitate plants to improve power output next year. Bechtel has installed temporary power generation facilities at the Port of Umm Qasr and Baghdad International Airport.
Water, waste, and irrigation
USAID, with Bechtel as the lead contractor, is working with the Iraq water authority on a project that will increase water capacity through eastern Baghdad from 580 million liters (153 million gallons) per day to 780 million liters (206 million gallons) per day.
In addition, the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) has provided funding for stand-alone generating units for all 34 of Baghdad's water treatment plants. The generating units will provide about 150 megawatts of power. Bechtel is starting to assess the units' condition and the additional power needed to enable their operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without commercial power. Bechtel's scope is to provide the assessment and specification of equipment so the CPA can procure the equipment for which Bechtel will provide installation management.
In Basrah, Bechtel has begun installation of emergency power generators for the main water treatment and pumping plants. Meanwhile, Bechtel's water specialist continues to visit power plants in the north and central region and will move to Basrah to conclude his assessment to identify the priorities for power plants needing water treatment upgrades. Bechtel's engineering staff is also coordinating with Iraq Electric Commission personnel to identify the template for control system upgrades for plants in the future.
Contracts and conferences
On July 13, the fifth in a series of contractor conferences at the Basrah Engineers Union drew roughly 300 people. To date, more than 8,600 companies from 95 countries have registered on Bechtel's supplier database.

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