Bechtel Fellows

Richard Campbell, Welding


Richard is a welding expert known worldwide for his ability to blend highly theoretical metallurgical and welding engineering with the hands-on requirements of construction. He compiled the book The Professional's Advisor on Welding of Stainless Steels for the American Welding Society.

Get to Know Richard

What is the most exciting or challenging project you were involved in, and what was your role?

The Waste Treatment Plant at Hanford where I was hired as the welding manager.

What is the best career advice that you’ve received?

Learn what you enjoy doing, find a job doing that, and you will never hate your job.

What do you see as the key skills that new engineers need to have in the global job market?

Communication. Too many engineers are intelligent, but cannot deliver the message to management, other employees, and most important, to customers. The written and oral skills of engineers are often poor. New engineers who are computer and electronic-savvy have to ensure that they can communicate with more experienced engineers.

What leadership skills do you think are needed to be a great engineer?

Listening to what others are saying—and to what they are not saying. Know your audience.