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Hamad International Airport , Doha, Qatar Overview

Scope of Work Engineering, project management, and construction management
Business Infrastructure

Gateway to the world

hamad international airportBechtel provided engineering, project management, and construction management services for Hamad International Airport, completed in Qatar during 2014. Hamad (formerly New Doha International Airport) replaced an existing facility, increased passenger and cargo-handling capacity, and accommodates the Airbus A380 super jumbo jets.


Immense and sophisticated

The new airport accommodates 24 million passengers and 750,000 metric tons of cargo annually. It features, among other facilities:

  • two of the longest commercial runways in the world
  • a control tower some 85 meters (about 280 feet) tall
  • a striking passenger terminal of nearly 5.5 million square feet (some 510,000 square meters) with 40 gates
  • a separate terminal for the Emir of Qatar
  • a general aviation terminal
  • a cargo terminal
  • a 150,000-square-meter (1.6 million-square-foot) aircraft maintenance center
  • one of the world’s largest airport catering facilities
  • state-of-the art air-traffic-control equipment and security systems

A look inside

Rising from reclamation, environmental cleanup

Early works on the project included a 62-million-cubic-meter (nearly 230-million-cubic-foot) land reclamation project to create the airport site and the largest environmental cleanup project in Qatar’s history―the removal of 6.5 million cubic meters of household waste from a dump on the project site to a remote engineered landfill built to strict environmental standards.