Walt Bell To Korea, Ed Richardson To Infrastructure Unit

January 5, 1998 Senior Vice President Walt Bell, who has served as president of Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation, takes a new assignment overseeing Bechtel's transition to a major new role in the Korean High-Speed Rail project's management organization. Running between Seoul and Pusan, the $20 billion rail system will be one of the world's most sophisticated. Bell, an internationally recognized rail expert, has led Bechtel's North American infrastructure business since early 1996.
Senior Vice President Ed Richardson succeeds Bell as president of Bechtel Infrastructure. For the past year Richardson has been manager of operations for Bechtel National, Inc., Bechtel's unit for U.S. government, environmental, and aerospace work. Before that, as president of Bechtel Nevada, Richardson led the team effort to win the $1.5 billion performance-based management contract for the Nevada Test Site. He then led another successful team effort as Bechtel people joined the 2,500 work-force already on site, to bring new commercial and government users to the immense former nuclear testing site.