Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power generation is one of the most dependable power generation resources on the planet.

In 1935, a joint venture including Bechtel completed the iconic Hoover Dam on-time and under-budget. This began our long history in hydroelectric power.  

We have designed or installed 50 hydroelectric plants that produce more than 37,600MW of hydropower. That is equivalent to 80% of the UK's entire power demand.

Currently, we are building the Keeyask Generating Station on the Nelson River, Canada’s fourth-longest river. This past summer, the volume of water at Keeyask totaled some 212,000 cubic feet (6,000 cubic meters) per second—more than twice the flow of Niagara Falls.

Featured expertise

  • Concrete, rock-fill, and earth-fill dams 
  • Power, diversion, tailrace, and conveyance tunnels
  • Hydro and water-supply surge chambers
  • Dikes
  • Reservoirs

Our work

  • installed (26,739MW) and designed (10,861MW)
  • 9 million cubic yards (6.9 million cubic meters) of rock chambers 
  • 157M acre feet (194 billion cubic meters) of reservoirs
  • 57 miles (92 kilometers) of water tunnels 
  • 1,759 miles (2,816 kilometers) of water pipelines 
  • 50 hydroelectric plants
  • 105 dams

 Featured projects

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