Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Delivering complex projects to provide solutions for rapid development of global energy resources

Bechtel is a global leader in the integrated design, procurement, construction, and project management of oil, chemical, and natural-gas facilities. For decades, customers have relied on our expertise to deliver global LNG capacity, hundreds of refineries and chemical plants, enough pipeline to circle the Earth more than twice, and dozens of offshore facilities, tanks, and terminal facilities. At the same time, communities have relied on our expertise to enhance local knowledge and capacity to sustain long-term economic development.

Bechtel-built facilities encompass a wide variety of available process technologies. Whether through our own proprietary technologies or strategic alliances with process licensors and vendors, Bechtel is uniquely qualified to deliver optimum performance on both new construction and upgrades using any technology.

Bechtel offers a full range of contracting models for project services from development through engineering and construction to capital projects for operating facilities focused on six market sectors: LNG, petrochemicals, offshore, onshore oil and gas, pipelines, and tanks. Our teams partner with customers and local communities to deliver energy to the world.

Our work

  • One-third of global LNG capacity
  • 53 major oil and gas field developments
  • More than 275 refinery expansions and modernizations
  • 380 major chemical and petrochemical projects
  • 110 gas-processing plants
  • Nearly 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers) of pipeline systems
  • 42 tank and terminal projects

Technology center

Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions is a leader in refining technologies and consulting services for petroleum, gasification, and energy markets throughout the world. Complemented by many years of operations experience, our international staff of technical experts has studied, evaluated, and implemented a wide range of process technologies. We provide value to our customers by integrating our industry, technology, and market know-how, and our ability to offer complete project solutions, from concept to execution is unequaled.