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Curtis Island LNG Projects

The engineering, procurement and construction of the three LNG plants on Curtis Island, which is accessible only by water, represents the greatest concentration of Bechtel projects anywhere in the world. The three liquified natural gas (LNG) projects sit side-by-side, with the first plant scheduled for completion in 2014.

The Curtis Island LNG projects each have joint procurement, human resources, travel, accounting, legal, and community relations teams servicing them. This ensures efficiency and a quality service to our clients, reducing costs and streamlining processes and procedures. We work closely with the community, clients, key stakeholders, and government representatives to ensure a positive social impact for the duration of these projects.

At the peak of construction, the workforce will be 8,800 strong. These projects are also delivering a range of training and upskilling programs for the workforce.  Bechtel will intake 400 adult apprentices through the National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) to work on the three LNG projects. 

NAP targets experienced workers who may have many of the skills required to fulfil an apprenticeship, but may not yet have the formal qualification. This program will provide opportunities now and into the future for many Australians.

Part of the construction process for the three LNG plants is the construction and delivery of 260 modules from around the world. The modules are pre-fabricated steel structures that are built as a single component and transported to Curtis Island. The modules will arrive in Gladstone between August 2012 and mid-2014. When they arrive, they will be put into their permanent position to make up the key components of the LNG plant.

The delivery of the Curtis Island LNG projects will help position both Gladstone and Queensland, as one of Australia’s leading industrial centers.