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Sainshand Industrial Complex master plan

The government of Mongolia awarded the Sainshand Industrial project to Bechtel in 2011. Bechtel helped the government develop a master plan and concept for the Sainshand Industrial Complex, a major industrial center to support the expanding mining operations in the company.

Bechtel developed and helped to validate the primary industrial facilities for processing iron ore, coal, and copper. In addition Bechtel provided traffic plans, road layouts, rail concepts, drainage layout, and a capital-cost estimate and development schedule. We successfully submitted the plan in 2012, and the government of Mongolia was able to advance the concept to the next level of development.


  • Sainshand will become a city with a population of about 20,000 as the project develops over time
  • The project includes major coal, steel, copper, and power facilities. The project also includes rail links to transportation centers in China and Russia
  • This is the largest industrial program in Mongolia aimed at developing the world-class ore deposits at Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi
  • Bechtel developed an economic analysis of the site and each major industrial component to help assess the feasibility of the project