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Gabon master plan

When government officials in Gabon decided to develop their
national infrastructure plan, they selected Bechtel to support the country’s progressive programs and vision toward economic growth. Bechtel has since worked with the government to establish a new government agency, l’Agence National de Grands Travaux (ANGT),which currently oversees design services, and performs contract administration, construction and project management for more than 200 projects in the following areas: environment, rails, airports, housing, education, health, water, and tourism.


  • Assisting in implementing President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s strategic national vision, referred to as Le Gabon Émergent
  • Launching more than 10 national studies that identify the options and feasibility of a variety of projects
  • Working with the  ANGT to build the skills and technical capacity of local Gabonese to become future leaders
  • Developing a master plan framework for the capital city, Libreville
  • Planning and delivering a pipeline of infrastructure projects diversely located across Gabon and within multiple industrial sectors of varying complexity
  • Developing  infrastructure for the African Cup of Nations Soccer tournament in 2012 that included world-class stadiums, secondary sports facilities and a broad range of support infrastructure
  • Planning one of the first major water and sanitary sewer systems to be developed in the region

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