“When I began working for Bechtel, the Value I learned to appreciate the quickest and see it in a different light was SAFETY. Over the years, I have been able to see things that I previously did not notice, both at home and in the office. I learned that potential risks, dangers and possible accidents are 100 percent avoidable. I learned that small factors make the difference between making it home safe and sound, such as always being alert and attentive to the road conditions on the way to your house.

I try to get my children to understand that it is NEVER worth it to risk a possible accident or to have a reckless and unsafe attitude, as there are some things you cannot undo. When I am driving I notice that very few people understand what safety is because they are too concerned with time. They drive around without regard for anyone, not even themselves or their own families. I feel that driving this way just to gain a few minutes is not worth it. Arriving home safe and sound and being able to see your family is priceless.”

Willy Román,
Senior Designer, Corporate Affairs, Santiago