We are well-positioned to help our customers. Bechtel’s value proposition is to provide integrated solutions and technologies to develop, transmit, and conserve critical water supplies.

Balancing water security for society and industry 


Tunnels and pipelines

Bechtel has delivered more than 56,000 miles (90,123 kilometers) of pipeline—including more than 1,759 miles (2,831 kilometers) of water pipelines. This includes work on Oak Creek Power Plant expansion in Wisconsin, where Bechtel built a cleaner, more-efficient, and less-expensive tunnel to carry water from Lake Michigan into the plant's condensers and then back to the lake. In Chile, Bechtel is delivering a reliable, sustainable water supply for the largest copper mine on earth—Escondida. We are building a new seawater desalination plant, which will be linked to the mine site via two 112-mile (180-kilometer) pipelines to avoid using scarce groundwater.

Water planning and delivery

Water planning and delivery

Bechtel is designing and delivering water and wastewater conveyance, distribution, processing and storage systems for cities. In Jubail City, Saudi Arabia, we designed and built a seawater pump station with a 200,000 cubic-meter-per-hour capacity and associated infrastructure to transport water about 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) from a seawater canal to industrial sites. In Gabon, Bechtel completed the country’s first community wastewater treatment plant among several infrastructure projects.

Hoover Dam


Bechtel is a global leader in helping society overcome rising demand for energy by tapping into water resources for energy use. We have designed and built 50 hydroelectric plants that produce more than 37,600 megawatts of hydropower—an equivalence of up to 80 percent of the United Kingdom's entire power demand. Some of our landmark projects include the Hoover Dam in the United States, and James Bay Hydroelectric Dam in Canada. Bechtel is currently leading a team to build Keeyask Generating Station in Canada to provide sustainable energy for 400,000 homes.

Industrial Water

Industrial Water Systems

Bechtel is helping industrial customers gain reliable access to water without negatively impacting local community supplies. On the Corpus Christi project in Texas, Bechtel switched to dry-low-emissions turbine technology that reduced our water intake from approximately 3,000 to 130-gallons-per-minute. The project is also using natural condensation from the turbine's air-chilling process to supplement water use and help reduce reliance on public water sources. With our partner in the United Arab Emirates, we formed an integrated sustainability team to design and construct the Al Taweelah Aluminum Refinery. The build-out of the operation management building, for example, represents a spectrum of measurable sustainability, including 100 percent recycled water for irrigation and 44 percent reduction in water consumption.