Building a local workforce

  • Angola LNG: Helped modernize the LNG industry by building the first modern training facility and training 8,000+ Angolans on project quality and safety.
  • Curtis Island LNG: Paid more than $1.5 billion in Australian wages. 10,000+ locals gained employment on the projects, including 436 trained adult apprentices—the largest apprenticeship intake in the country’s history—and more than 500 indigenous people.
  • Gabon National Infrastructure Plan: Hired 9,000+ Gabonese to deliver the infrastructure plan.
  • Sohar Aluminum Smelter project: Developed and hired over 800 Omanis in skilled positions; roughly 30 percent of all mechanical assistants were Bechtel-trained Omani women.
  • U.S. Gulf Coast Initiative: Together with our partners we implemented a workforce development program to recruit and train 8,000+ construction workers to advance energy development in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.

Generating business opportunities

In the last five years Bechtel spent over $100 billion in goods and services from global suppliers, including small, local, and women-owned businesses.

  • Curtis Island LNG: Spent more than $900 million on local goods and services in Australia.
  • Gabon National Infrastructure Plan: Spent over $400 million in the execution of the plan, with two-thirds directed to Gabonese companies.
  • Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant: Located in Washington state, Bechtel spent $1.5 billion creating small business opportunities in the U.S.
  • Las Bambas copper project: Purchased nearly $100 million on local goods and services: 500+ local companies were engaged and 2,000+ indirect jobs were generated.

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Supporting a meaningful transition

We have always delivered projects that make our colleagues, customers, and communities proud. This includes our efforts to deliver sustainable outcomes when we demobilize from a completed project. To meaningfully benefit from the economic opportunities at our Las Bambas copper project in Peru and beyond, together with our partner we conducted a series of training workshops that enabled local entrepreneurs to build new technical skills and competencies in areas such as health and safety standards for transportation, lodging, food, and laundry services; tax savings and preparation; and employee relations. In Gabon, to improve project management and accountability, Bechtel helped organize and manage L’Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux, a government agency that oversees the execution of the national infrastructure plan.

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