Committed to the training and development of our craft professionals

Bechtel is committed to the training and development of our craft professionals. We have been a charter member and sponsor of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) since 1996.

Our training program is a combination of Bechtel-designed classes, industry programs, and NCCER curricula. We also partner with local trade associations and educational institutions to offer a wider range of opportunities for career growth and development.

At each of the Bechtel jobsite, we offer our employees opportunities to upgrade current skills or learn new trades. Classes are offered after working hours and at no cost to the employees. Training includes classroom learning and practical, hands-on exercises. Employees who successfully completed these classes have the opportunity to increase their earning potential with Bechtel. They also receive transcripts and, when appropriate, their training history is maintained in the NCCER registry.

Employees who are fully capable and experienced in a trade, but not certified, have the opportunity to take a skills assessment test. Employees passing both the written and practical tests will be certified. In many cases, certified employees have the opportunity to earn higher wages.

We also provide supervisory and pre-supervisory personnel the opportunity to attend a comprehensive training program that includes leadership and technical skill training so they can be more effective in their roles.

Submit your interest in working for Bechtel

All persons interested in a craft position at Bechtel must complete the Interested Craft Information form.