Bechtel was more than a company to Stephen Jr.  It was family.  Please share your memories of him as we celebrate his life and work. 

To be personally successful, as I define "success," I believe one should:

  • have an outstanding character;
  • continuously strive to improve your personal performance;
  • be a team player;
  • be a positive, constructive influence, and be involved in activities around you, both inside your company and in your community;
  • be open-minded, objective, and realistic--accept change as a reality, recognizing that it offers opportunities;
  • be a visionary--focus on areas where experience and abilities can be matched by few others, strive to foresee the industries and geographic areas that will offer the greatest opportunities for long-term profit, develop a competitive, innovative mentality, and create something new, uniquely suited to your company's strengths;
  • be a hardworking participant; and
  • enjoy your work and show your enthusiasm for it. It will be infectious to those around you.

 - Stephen D Bechtel Jr.

Steve Jr. through the years


I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jr. many times over my 30+ year career at Bechtel.  He was such an impressive and impactful contributor to the success of the company.   - Joan James

My father worked with S.D. Senior and S.D. Jr starting in the 1950's - 1970's in the Bechtel New York office then in London and Houston.  Some of the best memories he had during his life was working for the Bechtel's.   - Pat Falcone

R.I.P. A great man from a great company, you strengthen the family in these moments of pain and sorrow.    - Eduardo Dinamarca luarte

Mr Bechtel was the CEO when I joined Bechtel. I have a personal letter from him after he visited the South Texas Project in 1989, that I cherish. I spent 38 years with Bechtel; He was a great leader. I was saddened to hear of this news.   - Lester Hurst

I worked for the Company from 1973 to 1984, Mr, Bechtel and his father both visited jobsites I was assigned to. Both of them where cordial and interested in stopping and speaking with employees, they were wonderful gentlemen, and both improved the lives of countless millions of people cross the globe. The benefits the projects brought, the employment and the enrichment of their fellow human beings. My sincerest sympathy to the family and to the employees of this great company.    - Thomas Brown

A number of years ago, I was asked to prepare a white paper on water pricing in California's San Joaquin Valley for Mr. Bechtel.  When I met with him and asked about his interest in agricultural water in the region, he explained that he "wanted to be a good citizen, and make a contribution".  I'll always remember his dedication to doing the right thing by finding answers to important questions.   - Frank A Hamill, P.E.

Great memories as a young engineer out of college in 1982.  Working in San Francisco I use to go to the meetings and hearing him speak about the company.  Certainly an icon in the construction and engineering profession.  - Craig Bradshaw

Stephen D Bechtel was a legend. Bechtel corporation will remember him forever.   - Dipak Sakharkar

I worked for Bechtel for almost 35 years and had the pleasure and honor to meet Steve Jr. on a few occasions.  At one occasion I was lucky enough to be seating next to hi at a luncheon.  When he sat down he introduced himself, as if I didn’t know who he was.  It showed me what a caring humble man he was. .  He will be missed.  May his memory always be a blessing to his family and all that knew him.   - Kenneth Bell

The Bechtel company under Steve Bechtel Jr was the best school I attended, I learned about management and most importantly the values of leadership. I met Steve twice on projects and Riley several times. RIP.  - David J Copeland

Good Person Mr. Stephen D Bechtel. Good Management.   - Ashraf Ahmad Khan

We all lost a great man... We will never forget you as long as we live.   - Abdelaziz hassaballah elkafrawy

RIP Stephen Bechtel. You were awesome. Thank you for the opportunities you gave me.   - Clemence Noakes

Although when I joined Bechtel (2011), Stephen Bechtel, Jr. had not been CEO for many years. However, there was not a single ""old-timer"" that I had the pleasure of working with that had anything but wonderful comments about him. An inspirational leader to be sure.  Certainly, Bechtel would not be the world-wide EPC leader it is today without him. I am truly sorry to hear of his passing and extend my sincere condolences to the Bechtel family.   - Russell Winch

He was an inspiration.  He always had a  joyful optimistic smile. His family values made Bechtel a family company. I feel privileged  to have been a part of what he created.  Thank you, Mr. Bechtel for all you were and all you did for so many.   - Hemant Phadnis

Rest In Peace Steve. You were one link between US and the great history of this company. Jesus be with you in your trip in the afterlife.    - Toni S Maalouf

I started work for Bechtel in 1972 in San Francisco working on a project in Wyoming.  I finished my career with Bechtel in 2017, after 45 years, at Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico.  Steve Jr. would often visit job sites and I met with him and others for lunch. He was always interested in what made a project successful. He was a great example and leader for all of us.  My condolences to the Bechtel family.   - William S. Sutfin

RIP.    - Willie Lira

I had the pleasure of working on projects under Steve from 1962 till his retirement in 1990.   - Michael Frrree

While assigned to the 50 Beale St. Office I met Steve Jr. in the stairwell every morning where he walked up to his office in lieu of riding the elevator. He said it kept him in shape for the day ahead. May he Rest In Peace.   - Hank Gorski

My heart felt condolences to the Bechtel family. May his soul rest in peace!  Om Shanti!   - Maneesh Bhalla

Unfortunately, great people cannot be in more than one place at the same time. But Bechtel Jr. did that, he was present in more than one place at the same time through what he planted in the souls of those he met with and those who worked with him. Although I did not meet him, I felt the extent of his humanity and his ability to progress through my managers who worked I worked with. They were inspired by him. Rest in peace.   - Marwan Najem AlGhurair

I had the pleasure of working for Bechtel in Gladstone Australia from 2013-16,a company with integrity and decency which unfortunately is a rarity these days although i personally never met Stephen the standards he helped set continue till this day RIP .   - Leon W Weekes

Bechtel Power Corporation gave me my first job in the US. I worked on the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station for 13 years as an engineer. I’m proud to have worked for a great company. Thanks Chairman Steve Jr.   - Rodil de Quiroz, PE

A visionary and great leader. Your attitude towards people and business will keep inspiring all. Rest in peace.   - Rupesh Anand

In 1991 my first unión job. I remember throughout the project there wasn’t a single day somebody would mention his name and last name Bechtel, many employees always talked about all the projects he built in previous year and how great the company was. I particularly learned from Bechtel everything mainly it’s culture, safety and quality of the project we build and delivered for the client. God bless him and his family in this hard times.    - Víctor González


Mr Steve Bechtel Jr help us in establishing a footprint in Italy ‘s attempt to develop a nuclear industry. He was a gracious and understanding leader.   - Angelo Sassi

I haven't work with him but I just say we miss a legend. - Mukarram Ali

It’s a sad time that Steve Jr has passed away, as a chauffeur in London remember driving him and his family.  He was a gentleman, always kind and friendly, and made me feel like part of the family. Also loved driving Betty on her holiday trips. RIP, Steve.   - Dennis Kent, Connection VIP

Had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jr at the Bontang Bay LNG facility in Indonesia in the early 80s. Always an inspiration. RIP.   - Ken Lizzio

Because of his futuristic vision and eagerness take on the most difficult engineering and construction projects, the world is a better place.  I worked for him in San Francisco, Houston, Gaithersburg and eleven foreign countries.  He  was well respected all over the world.  My condolences to the Bechtel family.    - David Terrar

Looking towards Bechtel logo, it's nothing but your "Face".   - Anuj Jain (X-Emp.)

I worked for Bechtel for 33 years starting in 1974. As part of the SF Power Division CADD group, I met Mr. Bechtel in 1981 during the tour of our state of the art CADD facility on the 6th floor of 221 Main St. It was also a pleasure to see him and his wife at the annual Bechtel dinner dances. Sincerest condolences to the Bechtel family and friends.   - Marilyn Cariola

I work at Bechtel Chile, I admire the values ​​that support the great company built, rest in peace Stephen Jr.  - Daniel Carrasco

Almost 40 years ago, when I started at Bechtel, "Steve Jr." as we referred to him was leading the company.  All of the old timers then would all fondly talk of meeting him on their 25th year anniversary.  I come from a third generation construction family and knew that Bechtel was the top tier firm to work for.  The main reason was Steve Jr.'s leadership.  He didn't focus on profits but instead on values and people.  My prayers go out to the Bechtel "family" for comfort and solace.   - Cary Stiles 

My condolences to the Bechtel family. As a young designer during the early 80s  in Gaithersburg, Mr. Bechtel came to the office. he was very gracious and approachable. I will never forget how cool it was to see his helicopter land in the parking lot. - Matthew Campbell

His humility and sharpness during the first ever global townhall. As a young employee that Bechtel invested in, I’m eternally grateful. - Ujwal Chablani

It was a privilege to have worked under Mr. Bechtel’s leadership. - Lloyd Thompson

I hired on under Steve, Jr., got my gold watch under Riley and was last seen working for Brendan. Under Steve Jr. it was strictly an engineering focused company with an A, B, C and D team that were complete and almost the same level of competence. It was the first time since college that I felt so surrounded by intelligent people - Steven S. Hall

Besides the holiday walkarounds in the SF Office, another event stands out. In the early 2000s, Gus Benz was being honored for a significant service milestone and there was to be coffee and cake on the 2nd floor of 50 Beale. Many showed up - and so did Riley and Steve Jr.  Steve Jr spoke and said "Gus, in the history of our company, only one person has had more years of service than you. Me!". It conveyed a sincere appreciation for all that Gus, and everyone, had contributed over the years. RIP.       - Bud Stafford

A great visionary and leader that promoted timeless values.  He will be missed, but his legacy lives on in all of us.  Sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the entire Bechtel family. - Raymond A. Melee

My condolences to the entire Bechtel family. In 40+ plus years there was not a day that I wasn’t proud to be a Bechtel employee. I attribute that to Steve Jr.’s integrity, work ethic and leadership, qualities which had a great influence on me during my career and in retirement. Janet and I are deeply saddened by Steve Jr.’s passing but will forever remember him and his legacy. - Dick McIlhattan

"My condolences on the death today of retired Bechtel Corp. Chairman SDB Jr. I know he was a legendary mentor to many I met working on projects around the world, besides VP instructors in his business development group in SF. We've lost a remarkable man, but we all are a part of his legacy, so he's not altogether gone. I'll offer a toast to him at dinner tonight to the Bechtel family, employees, and friends. Cheers.  - John J. Deneen

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to meet Steve, but from everything I have read, he was an exceptional man. Prayers to the entire Bechtel family for comfort in your time of loss. - Cliff Brice

A beautiful tribute to a leader who built an amazing legacy. It was a privilege to for work at this company, which has contributed so much, quietly, to the world.              - Nicole Sunahara Scandlyn

Great leaders pave the way to excellence!    Thank you ""Steve Jr."" For all what you have done as a leader, trust that the seeds you plant is now flourishing in our organization globally. RIP. - Huda Ragheb

Always positive, always looking ahead.  From my 34 years inside the company, Steve Jr, was always a man that inspired us to go bigger and better.  He asked you to look inside yourself to see how you could be a better you and a better Bechtel employee.          - Scott C Sullenberger

I had the great privilege to know Steve during his tenure at the head of this extraordinary company.  He lead us through some hard times but always found a way to shift our focus onto new technologies and markets which allowed the firm to grow and grow.  It is also remarkable that he raised wonderful children who kept the values of honesty and fair play always at the forefront of the company's ethos.  My deepest sympathies go out to Riley,  Suzie and all the others in this amazing family.       - Robert (Bob) McDermott

Steve, thank you for your support of Bechtel organization, I saw that wonderful company grow.  Rest In Peace.    - Carmen

Started my Bechtel career when Steve was the CEO in 1977.  He always emphasis to work as a team and respect each other.  I take pride working for Bechtel to now because of the family atmosphere and can do attitude.   Remember his yearly visits in the Los Angeles office and project jobsites to say hello. - Bert David

It was a great privilege to have worked at Bechtel in the 1980s. Got to meet both Steve Sr. And Steve Jr.  Impressive and unique individuals. Godspeed!    - Craig Martell

God bless him and shower him with mercy. - Hasan Farrag

Iconic leader and achiever in his Era. Condolences to the Family.  RIP - Vivek Pratap Singh

I am proud to have worked for Bechtel, a value driven company with outstanding achievements and teamwork.  I was fortunate to work on some amazing projects including the Athens Metro, Jubail Industrial City and Riyadh Metro.  The leadership provided over the years by Stephen Bechtel Jr, Riley, Brendan, and others, is a remarkable business success story.  May Steve Jr. rest in peace and thank you for the example of excellence in engineering and for the leadership you have provided.         - Thomas Bordeaux

R.I.P. Mr. Bechtel. I had the unique pleasure of meeting this gentleman while I was employed at the construction site of the Limerick Nuclear Generating Station. Mr. Bechtel had made a visit to the jobsite and at the time I was working in the office just a few steps away from the project managers office. Mr. Bechtel had stopped in to meet with Mr. Jack Gwinn, the project manager, after which he toured the office facility before he took a tour of the jobsite. I had the opportunity to shake Mr. Bechtel's hand and say hello. He smiled, shook my hand, and thanked everyone in the office for doing a great job for his company. I was originally scheduled to work at the Limerick jobsite for only two or three years but due to delays caused by various lawyers, I was there for just under thirteen years. I got to meet some very great people and I had an amazing experience. Lastly, due to some very fortunate circumstances, I even got to witness fuel load up close and personal. These memories I will never, ever forget.          - Bruce Garber

My dad and I started with Bechtel when Steve Sr. ran the company. My life would be, can't imagine what it would be today sans the Bechtel family. 🙂 - John Nelson

Incredible journey by an extraordinarily man. He made the company truly global and his vision was so well implemented by Riley and now Brandon. Honored to have worked for 18 glorious years with Bechtel. May the god bless his soul - Aditya Aggarwal

A legend that changed the industry and impacted the lives of many. I am proud to have spent 29 years of my career with Bechtel and will always remember a 20-minute talk one on one with Stephen Bechtel when I was in my early thirties. He was an inspiration to many. RIP Steve. - Raafat (Nazir) Guirguis

I had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Steve Jr. early in my Bechtel career, he was a true gentleman and professional. My condolences to the family, he will be missed. - Randy McCarraher

Great team had the pleasure to work as client with Bechtel, v positive experience - together we won many battles delivering one of the fastest commissioning and ramp up in the history of world class projects...! - Gustavo (Gus) Gomes

Sad day. My heart goes out to Stephens family. I can't honestly say that I ever met him but as a young pipe welder working at Hanford 1 Nuclear Power Station in the Tri-Cities Washington in 1981 (might have been 1980, that was a long time ago) he came to that site. I watched as he walked through the Turbine Generator building. He spoke with people that were working there and presented himself as a very approachable person. - Jim Hughes

My sincere condolences. I met him at the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers where he was a guest of the President. Little did I know then that my next job would be at Bechtel. What an amazing legacy, one to be very proud of indeed. - Ceri Evans

1989 a wet and windy construction site on the south coast of England. A visit by Stephen Bechtel left me in awe; his kudos and appeal lifted everyone who met him. The Eurotunnel project was mega but for Stephen it was business as usual. RIP sir. - Will Bentley

My heart goes out to the Bechtel family. Stephan's kindness and friendship to our family when my father Robert A. Easton passed was truly amazing. May God bless your family with the incredible friendships, love, and kindness that your family has given all these years. With much gratitude and sorrow for your loss, - Erik Easton

Very Sad. Knew him in London Office and on Projects he visited. Saw the way he expanded Bechtel and its growth in this period. Condolences to all the Bechtel Family and everyone associated. - Peter Myers

It was an Honor for both my husband and I to have worked for Bechtel - we are both retired now and in combination had over 80 years with the company. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to meet and interface with this man and later his son, Riley. The company is what it is because of its people - and its core values were established by the family leadership. I’m sure Brendan will prevail. RIP to the legend, Steve Jr. Our Condolences to the family. - Catherine (Gorski) Schmoll

My condolences on the death today of retired Bechtel Corp. Chairman SDB Jr. I know he was a legendary mentor to many I met working on projects around the world, besides VP instructors in his business development group in SF. We've lost a remarkable man, but we all are a part of his legacy, so he's not altogether gone. I'll offer a toast to him at dinner tonight to the Bechtel family, employees, and friends. Cheers. - John J. Deneen

My condolences to the Bechtel family! RIP Steve, Jr. a job well done sir!!           - Henrietta Wright

He improved the quality of life for millions of people. RIP SDBJr.           - Jim Henschel

Praying for all the Bechtel family. He spent his life creating one of the best companies in America with Ethics and Moral character as the compass with projects all over the world. God bless you and keep you Bechtel.  - Arlene Reeves

My sympathies & prayers to the Bechtel family. I loved working for Bechtel & joined during its extreme growth period under Steve’s leadership. Such a fun, challenging & exciting time. He made the world a better place. RIP Master Engineer & World Class Builder. - Beverly Wilhite Tinn

Very very sorry to hear. I worked for this company when he was the Chairman. Great man and great leader. May his soul rest in peace. - Deven Sequeira

Condolences to the Bechtel family. I was blessed to spend more than 20 years of my work life with Bechtel and had the honor of meeting him when he visited our office. May he rest in peace. - Brenda Cruise

Sad day indeed. Proud to have worked for Bechtel for 10 years and to have known this great man during that time. R.I.P. Steve Jr. My deepest condolences and sympathies to his family.             - Robert Harlow Jr

He personally attended a couple of Bechtel Christmas dinners where I had the honor to be close to him. Such a great man. RIP Stephen Bechtel Jr.            - Magdy Takawy

Legend has it he never took an elevator and walked the stairs to his office on Beale St. Part of the self-discipline among his other great qualities... Condolences to the Bechtel Family - Bob Suchy

Condolences to Steve Bechtel Jr.’s family. He was my first CEO at Bechtel where I worked 32 years. Thank you for all the opportunities! - Tommy Bombon

Condolences to the family. His name was heard a lot in my house, growing up. My father was an engineer with Bechtel for 30 years. - Denise Yipp Doyle

Rest in Peace, Sir. Thank for allowing our family to travel abroad whilst my Father was a Professional Engineer working for The Great Bechtel Corporation.  - Suzie Keidel Campiglio

Rest in peace Steve. You had an honorable career and led the Bechtel Corporation with great achievement and integrity. I worked for Steve, Riley and now Brendan for 45 years. My condolences to the Bechtel family. - Bill Sutfin

I had the honor of participating in several meetings with Steve, Jr early in my Bechtel career. Always a gentleman and an example you strive to emulate. My condolences to the Bechtel family and employees, past and present. - Tom Mckinney

He was the CEO when I started my Bechtel career. He’ll be missed. - Christopher Brown

Eagle Scout and Silver Buffalo. Rest in peace, sir. - Thomas J Shuler

Condolences to the Bechtel family. A true visionary and world class business leader. I spent 38 years with Bechtel and saddened to hear this news. RIP - Lester W. Hurst

RIP. My father worked in the Bechtel New York office from the 1950's to the 1970's then London and Houston he knew both S.D senior and S.D Jr. - Pat Falcone

RIP Steve Jr. I met Jr in 1970 at Peach Bottom in Delta, Pa. He was a great leader for a great company. - Tim Kohlbus

So sorry to see him go. Had many conversations with him as he was not above talking with any of his employees, making them feel a part of this huge conglomerate. Thank you, Steve. - Al Guggemos

A very sad day.  A true titan but in every way, shape and form a remarkable and friendly man.  First met him in the early 1980's in the Houston office as I was riding the elevator.  Introduced himself and shook my hand.  Me, a Grade 23 engineer.  Rest-In-Peace! - Tony Rangus

"What a life well lived. Not only successful in business with honesty and integrity, but leveraged that to give so much to the profession, paving the way for those who went behind, (am I remembering correctly that he came up with ""introduce a girl to engineering day""? )  and he lived his life as an Eagle Scout all along, giving back to the Scouts too with the fabulous Bechtel Summit Reserve.  Rest in peace" - Catherine McKalip-Thompson

In 1990, Mr. Bechtel worked with DiscoverE to rally the engineering community to send volunteers into the classroom to introduce students to engineering. This simple intervention has proven to be a powerful way to engage kids in engineering and retain professionals in the field. Stephen Bechtel Jr. will be remembered by all of us at DiscoverE for his long-time support and his leadership in the work to build a diverse pipeline of future engineers.       - The DiscoverE Staff

He once visited a project of mine when I was a few years new to Bechtel. I was about as nervous as one could get. There was some climbing to do and I suggested we skip that part of the tour. He looked at me and said if it’s part of the project I’m here to see it. It was o who had to keep up with him. - Steve Veale

Steve was also known within the Retriever Field Trial community. He was a successful dog handler and supporter of the sport. His memory in the retriever community is spoken of fondly by many. - Paul

God bless him 🙏          - Raed Ali

One of Mr. Bechtel’s greatest legacies is the engineering talent – past, present, and future – he has encouraged and supported personally as well as through the company and many outreach allies.  Organizations like DiscoverE – which he helped initiate - owe him a tremendous debt for his belief in and support of their missions.   The best tribute will be to continue to serve. - Leslie Collins

As a young British engineer joining Bechtel aged 26 on International Oil & Gas projects, I was privileged to take part in many reviews with the visiting CEO, Steve Jr. He always displayed great integrity, and unfailingly shared his experiences and vision for the Company’s growth and values.         - Terry Bayliff

Was a great icon of the worldwide construction history, his legacy and inspiration will remain in all construction people.      - Luis Alberto Zuniga Torres

Served as Executive VP under SDP’s leadership   - Charles W. Lacey

Steve Bechtel Jr. was the E/P/C industry’s preeminent leader and consummate CEO. I started under his leadership in 1980, corporate success was record shattering. Optimistic and gracious, leadership with Bechtel President George Shultz were the catalysts to learn from and emulate. My deepest condolences to the entire Bechtel family, with many indelible, fond memories. His legacy will endure. - Robert Dionisio

God bless him   - Eiman Chebaro

I started with Bechtel as a student engineer in 1969 in Gaithersburg and left the company in 1996. I always considered Bechtel a great and honorable company and I am proud of being a “Bechtel Man.” Much of the credit for Bechtel’s success goes to Steve, Jr., and extraordinary leadership skills. RIP Mr. Bechtel. The world is a better place because of the life you lived.  - Gary Martin

As a young, impressionable Bechtel employee it was always my pleasure to greet him as "Mr. Bechtel" and with the respect deserving of such a distinguished leader and person.          - Robert Wright

I am a 44-year (power) employee. Retired 2012. I loved and proud of my career. I had the privilege and honor to meet Steve Sr, Steve Jr and especially Riley. All were very impressive managers and appreciated the folks in the trenches. I worked hard and was rewarded for my effort. I have a comfortable retirement thanks to Bechtel. My profound sympathy to the family.     - Richard Grote

I worked directly for Steve for a year, handling his non-Bechtel activities.,. his GM board membership, trustee at Purdue, etc. Truly a wonderful experience knowing and working with such a brilliant man. - Bob Joyce

I was part of Bechtel for 17 years until I retired.  I learned about Steve Jr.'s legacy and I am very grateful to have worked in a company with such high standards of honesty, industrial safety and leadership opportunities; part of that legacy that Steve Jr. built.              - Francisco R. Aravena

my dad worked for Bechtel his entire career and under the guise of Steve Jr.  my first job out of college was with Bechtel during his tenure. I will always remember and think of Bechtel as the company run by Steve jr.         - Philip Smith

During my 29 years with Fremont Group I had the opportunity to work with Steve on numerous philanthropic ventures of an environmental nature.  He always showed appreciation for my help.  And not just in words.  When my son needed a summer job, Steve put him to work reorganizing files in his office.  I’ll miss him.      - Marc Boman

I worked at Bechtel from 1973 to 2014. Many great memories of Steve Jr. His lunch time talks at 50 Beale in the 70s and 80s were very popular. He used to take the stairs as much as possible to stay fit. He was an optimist and steered the comp any during a phenomenal growth period. May his soul Rest in Peace.   - Partha Parthasarathy

Condolences to the Bechtel family. I was blessed to spend more than 6 years of my work life with Bechtel between 1994 and 2001; and even though I did not have the honor of meeting the great leader, I read about his achievements and saw his vision through the work of his son Riley, the head of the company during my time. May he rest in peace.    - Nicolas Al Nakhl

I started at 17 as secretary and worked 18 years at Bechtel.  It was very family oriented.  Mr. Bechtel sr and Mr. Bechtel jr ran a great company - condolences to the family.     - Bonnie Fletcher

Stephen Bechtel Jr visited the Middle East in 1976.  I was a grade 24 with 3 years’ experience at the time.   The assignment wasn’t easy.  My Wife and young sons were in US.  His visit and his comments to our group about how our work was making a difference in that part of the world, made me proud and made it crystal clear that I joined the right organization.  - Frank Russo

Rest in Peace Steve Jr. who I met in the 50 Beale St office back in 76. You changed my life during the 37 yrs. I was honored to work for your stellar company while traveling the world to experience numerous cultures while building your Mega Projects. A true Magnate of C & E World.             - Dennis Spicer

May his soul rest in peace!          - Ambrisan

A giant who saw what our country could do with nuclear power, Awesome man, great company he will be missed           - Pete Baston

I met Mr. Stephen Bechtel Jr. together with his son our CEO at that time Mr. Riley Bechtel during their visit in one of Bechtel’s signature projects i.e.  Jubail Industrial City.  Notwithstanding his age, he sounds very smart and cordial when he delivered his memories of Jubail Industrial City project and I take pride and thankful working with the Bechtel family. RIP        - Florante C. Abaya

I've never forgot when Steve Bechtel visited in KPIZ project and attend our Bechtel ball.        - Jerry Banquiao

I worked for Bechtel out at Wheatstone LNG project at Onslow, western Australia. Heard amazing stories about Steve and his family. My condolences to his family. God bless and Rest in peace.        - Nuno Moreira

Was fortunate to meet both Stephen Jr and Riley at a 'Town Hamm Meeting' on the Tengiz project back in 1994 as part of my first year with the company. Extremely inspiring and motivating, listening to both discuss the plans for the project, Bechtel, our people, and their safety whilst on the project. What struck me most as a newbie was the vision and belief to take on such projects. Awesome achievement and total respect.              - Danny Lyons

Mr. Bechtel and his family established the finest company I have worked with.  I am fortunate to have been associated with this fine family in my professional career.        - Leo Dunn

We met Sir Steve Bechtel Jr.  when he visited Mauban, Quezon Coal Fired Power Plant Project, in the Philippines, and launched the Centennial book celebrating 100 years of Bechtel, alongside with the celebration of Philippines Centennial celebration of Independence.  I wish I could find the photos we had taken in 1998.   - Jocelyn D. Alejandro

May his soul rest in peace a great icon.  - Balkaran Jairam M

A perfect example of the best at being an American, an icon for business ethics, a trend setter for the E/C industry and a consummate family man. - Terry Farley

I did not know Mr Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. In person. However my father was there in Jubail when the Industrial city was constructed. I lived in Jubail with my family when my dad worked for Bechtel and grow up in the city. I have the fondest memories of this city due the infrastructure that was put in place. May he Rest In Peace and God bless him and his family and Bechtel always.  - Asim Bukhari

I never had an opportunity to formally meet Mr. Bechtel, but accidentally bumped into him & almost knocked him down! He was so gracious to me & apologized when it was clearly my fault. I've only ever heard wonderful things about him. He always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye and really cared about Bechtel employees. He clearly was a wonderful person & did spectacular things for so many. He will surely be missed & remembered always. My deepest condolences to the Bechtel family.  - Heidi Webb

In the early 90's, after he was retired, Steve Jr. visited the NAO project I was on in Cedar Bayou, Texas.  It was amazing how well he understood the job and our relationship with the customer, after only a 4 hour site visit.  He knew our business from the top to bottom.  My condolences to the Bechtel family.  He lived a full life, RIP.   - King Carter

My first Power Project was on the Supplier side.  Mr. Bechtel's office was one floor above the Montana One Project floor.  The Project Engineer told me Mr. Bechtel often visited to see how the project was going.  I understand he liked to be involved in all the projects to ensure they were proceeding smoothly.  A sign of a good manager with good instincts.  - Don Koza

I met Steve on a whirlwind tour of the Singapore office in the late 90s.  He showed real and keen interest in the relatively young and inexperienced engineering staff of the Mechanical MPAG group spending 10 minutes or so discussing their work and progress.  A true gentleman.  - Clifford Slater

"I had the honor of meeting Steve Bechtel when working at the Peachbottom Nuclear Power Plant. I was recently promoted to assistant superintendent and Steve wanted to know if I enjoyed my work. He was genuinely interested in me and my career, a real gentleman that will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to the Bechtel family."  - Noel DesChamps

It was an honor for me to work as a buyer/expediter for 26 years on 23 national and international projects in 16 locations in Bechtel's power, pipeline, and telecoms divisions. I thoroughly enjoyed the work, and my co-workers...learning something new every day. Thanks for the many opportunities you gave this female, Mr. Bechtel. God bless and keep you and may you rest in peace forever. - Mary E. Keeley

Great man. Great company!  - John Zubrinich

"I have privileges to work on Rober River projects in North West Australia. Under Bechtel Pacific Corporation of San Francisco. On this moment, allmighty Bechtel Corporation build unique Morava Motorway in central Serbia. Great Man Stephen D Behtel will be lighting to future people in engineering on all continents. ☦😀☦🌐✈♥️🇺🇸🛫🇦🇺🛬🇷🇸✈"   - Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group

My deepest condolences to the Bechtel family. - Gustavo Torres

God bless him  - Paresh Patel

I never met Steve, Jr. but I identify with him not just because I’m a “Steve, Jr.”.  I feel that I knew him through Brendan’s inquisitive leadership and care for the workers of this world and the end-users of infrastructure and the socioeconomic impacts the construction process and end results provide.  This, his spirit lives on in all those inspired both directly and indirectly!  - Stephen M. Freiman, Jr.

What a legacy! He was true stalwart visionary, family man, and pioneer of his time. Proud to have been a small part of the Bechtel community in both the US and South America.  - Gary Rico

My deepest condolences to Bechtel family. Steve was a warm and great boss meeting him during his visit to Bechtel office in Singapore. We sadly miss him. - JingKoon Tan, Singapore

I would like to thank Mr Bechtel for his support of the Boy Scouts of America.  Millions of young people will be positively impacted for generations to come by the enormous scope of his generosity.  It should be no surprise.  He was an Eagle Scout, the best of us.  - William Hodges

Had several opportunities to meet Mr Bechtel on various project and field offices. He always wanted to ‘walk the floor’ and meet/greet the team. He was a natural leader and an awesome human being. He never came across other than he was just one of the team and there to help. RIP Steve Jr. - Frank Castrichini

"I had joined the company and we went to the Hoover Dam's anniversary and I met Stephen for the first time. It was amazing to see the project and all the family in awe of what Bechtel had helped to do. Bechtel was the most amazing company to work for and integrity was never an issue. That had to start at the top. Blessings to the whole family who have continued to honor Stephen's work and his memory." - Lynne Haraway

Mr Bechtel you came alone to visit our small job in New Martinsville, West Virginia. We will never forget that pleasant visit. - Tom Draeger

As  a young African American man from U of Chicago MBA I had to honor to join the company in 1978.  George Shultz, then the Vice Chairman of the company had recruited me with other MBAs from Chicago.  I appreciated the outreach of the company at that time.  I briefly met Steve when I briefed George Shultz on an analysis I did.  Steve was kind to even though I was very scared.   Steve's kindness, modesty, encouragement of hard work permeated the company  I am sorry to hear of his passing.  - Gerald Harris

Thoughts and prayers for the Bechtel family, friends and colleagues. - Michelle Gilvey

My heartfelt condolences to the extended Bechtel Family! Bechtel as a company has changed the professional lives of many individuals and I am no exception! Would remain indebted for ever! RIP SDB Jr. Sir!  - Achintya Kumar Ghosh

When I was at Phila. Electric working on our Limerick plant, Bechtel was our AE and constructor. When Steve Jr. visited the job site, he took the time to meet as many of us as he could. Everything I learned about nuclear plant design and construction I learned working with my Bechtel counterparts on Limerick and it stemmed from Steve’s leadership and insistence on quality. The Company was a great place to spend the last 7 years of my career.   - Ward Sproat

His passion and work will live on for generations - Dr. Richard & Judith Oken

"RIP. May GOD continue blessing his soul where ever he is found . He is and will continue to be an iconic figure in our construction industry. I had the pleasure to work for Bechtel and have nothing but accolades to share about this company. May the Bechtel family find peace in their hearts... - Salvador Perez

Thanks Steve for all you did for the Retriever Community.  Your sportsmanship and dogs were always the greatest and something for all of us dog lovers to aspire towards. REST IN PEACE!  - Alan Madsen

My deepest condolences to the Bechtel family.  It was a pleasure and honor to work with all of you on business and personal ventures. - Carolyn Chin

Stephen “Steve Jr.” Bechtel Jr is simply a Legend. An inspirational Engineer that helped define the past, influences the present and provides enlightenment for the future. The Family and Organisation of Bechtel will continue to uphold its core V&V + C and generate enthusiasm and inflect All around Us.     - Rajesh Patel

Há Homens que conseguem eternizar a sua memória, Stephen é um deles, que a sua sabedoria venha a ser aproveitada pelos seus seguidores. Paz na eternidade. - Martinho Carvalho

I was carrying an arm load of drawings and waiting for the elevator in the 45 Fremont St. lobby and standing beside me was not only Steve Jr, but his father Steve Sr.  As the elevator door opened I stepped aside to let them get on the elevator and to my surprise, Steve Jr held the elevator door open and Steve Sr. waived me ahead and warmly said to me, "You go ahead, you're a lot busier than we are".            - Byron Ferguson

My first years with Bechtel were at the 50 Beale office. While I never had the good fortune to meet him, I remember the excitement throughout the building when he would drop in. People would be thrilled just to know ""Stephen Jr"" was in the house!  The first time I heard this, I admit I had to ask ""Who?"" Believe me, my co-workers were happy to educate me. His influence was felt as far down as my lowly desk, even after he had retired. My sincere condolences to the family.          - Frank Giachino

A remarkable man, a legend and I am truly honoured to be working for this organisation. My deepest sympathy to the family. - Vick Nayson

As part of the Salt River project field management team for construction of the Navajo Generating Station, I had the pleasure to meet Steve Jr. during his site visit in the summer of ‘73. I followed Bechtel work and corporate ever since. Even negotiated contracts with his construction teams in subsequent years. An incredible company legacy.      - Douglas Gelling

Steve Jr. led by example and lived his values every day.  We are all blessed that he touched our lives.  While his accomplishments, both professional and personal, are legendary, he would tell you "It was a good start!” Our heartfelt condolences go out to Betty and all the members of the Bechtel family at their loss. - Claude and Jean Zinngrabe

My condolences to the Bechtel family for the loss of Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.  I had the pleasure to meet him only twice in my 30 years with Bechtel, but he clearly set the tone for excellence, ethical behavior and fair dealing for all of us who worked in a Bechtel Company.  Rest in Peace, knowing your iconic leadership made us all better.  - Rich Lynt

I am truly saddened to hear the passing of Stephen Bechtel (Steve Jr.), and always heard great stories about the man's acts of service; my deepest sympathy to the Bechtel family for your loss. Enjoyed so much the camaraderie and challenges of working for Bechtel on one of the worlds largest projects in Australia, likewise, was encouraged by my peers to complete my degree which have done with honours. - John (Jack) Dreelan

Lasting legacy that continues to be an inspiration to all   - Omer Hadziselimovic

My deepest condolences to the Bechtel family- Judith la Lau, Red Box Energy Services

I grew up fascinated with stories from my Dad (at adnoc) about what Steve Bechtel Jr. had accomplished for Bechtel and his philanthropic interests. I was honored to meet him and Mrs. Steve Bechtel Jr. in person at Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone Project in Abu Dhabi. I feel I have lost part of my history with his passing. To me and many, many others he was a legend. His legacy will survive him in the many lives he touched. God bless his soul. RIP Steve ✌ - Ashraf Alameria

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