We offer a range of strategic services to help customers achieve their sustainability ambitions, goals and targets.

  • Resource efficiency and optimization

    Our ingenuity and enhanced technologies are delivering the next generation of construction projects. We offer the best design alternatives to optimize energy and water use to leave behind a cleaner footprint and greater cost savings.

  • “Circular” site design and management

    We use a smart mix of design, material procurement, and innovation to reuse, reduce, and recycle construction materials to achieve zero waste and minimal water consumption. 

  • Local economic development

    We build more than projects; we help progress society through economic development. Establishing a shared vision with customers and stakeholders, we deliver customized initiatives that help transition local content programs toward long-term economic development.

  • Impact and risk assessment

    Well-versed in external standards and guidelines, we assemble multidisciplinary teams comprising our specialists and scientists to design, implement, or review third party assessments, including environment, water, labor, climate, community, health and safety, responsible security, and human rights.

  • Community engagement

    Our goal is to help customers leave a positive, lasting legacy after construction or during operations. We apply contextual intelligence to more effectively deliver community engagement, social risk management, and strategic social investments.

  • Procurement

    We help customers reduce their environmental footprint and improve cost efficiencies by optimizing procurement opportunities in product specifications, strategic sourcing, fabrication techniques, and modes of shipping goods and materials.

  • Strategic planning

    Customers are looking for bold concepts to overcome the complexities of rising populations, connectivity, resiliency, and limited natural resources. We offer a full spectrum of integrated services to deliver national and regional infrastructure and energy projects that generate better sustainable outcomes. Learn more about Gabon National Infrastructure Plan.