Bechtel’s team offers an EPC self-perform delivery model

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Topside facilities for

  • FLNG
  • FPSOs
  • TLPs and semi submersibles
  • SPARs
  • Fixed platforms


  • Large topsides
  • FLNG/FPSO modules
  • Hookup and pre-commissioning
  • Topsides to hull integration
  • Strategic fabrication yards and modularization capabilities

Bechtel self-perform model

We are establishing agreements with fabrication yards based on our ability to:

  • Utilize the yard resources including craft workers, craft supervision, technical specialist, yard facilities, assembly/laydown space, and construction equipment for executing the work under Bechtel direct management
  • Lead an integrated assembly yard team, composed of Bechtel and select yard-field non-manuals, that plan, schedule, and directly manage craft labor, and control and manage the final assembly and pre-commissioning of modules or complete topsides
  • Use EPC integrated in-house tools, work processes and project management expertise for a predictable outcome, which results in a higher level of control, lower costs and a less risk EPC execution model
  • Source all materials, including prefabricated components, sub-assemblies, and equipment from high value suppliers which are shipped to the yard for assembly by the Bechtel led assembly team
  • Ensure prefabricated structural components with rolling, coping, beveling and testing accomplished in qualified vendor shop, for brace sections (point-to-point), nodes and sub-assemblies
  • Ensure prefabricated pipe spool components typically supplied by high value suppliers such as Cimtas, which is our long term preferred high value pipe spool vendor
  • Reduce risk related to engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly and integration with direct control of assembly yard safety, quality, execution, schedule and cost by one team