Driving e-mobility

Lithium is a future-facing commodity; a key component in hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, electronic devices (such as cell phones and portable computer batteries), and battery storage power stations that will help reduce carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.

As the world transitions to clean energy and reduces its global carbon footprint, Bechtel is supporting our customers who are enabling this important change. With the capability to integrate the engineering, procurement and construction of lithium hard rock and brine production facilities we are contributing to tomorrow’s transportation needs and promoting sustainability.

The experts in Bechtel’s Phosphate and Industrial Minerals Center of Excellence assist our customers in selecting, integrating and designing the mineral processing units and preparing the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies that lead to project delivery.

Through continuous communication and collaboration with our clients, we help them meet their goals by focusing on improving capital costs, challenging design and operational assumptions, evaluating risks and optimizing designs. In doing so we are playing our part in the future of e-mobility.